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  1. Thanks for your reply Carlos. I'm guessing from your responses that hobbyist/personal license can't use the auto-renewal feature. I didn't see any mention of that while looking into getting a new license. I think I have discovered, or rather re-discovered that hobbyists have to apply/reapply for a new license each year. I think I will have to find a way to remind myself for next year. Thanks, David
  2. Hello, My license has expired. I did a number of thing to try to get it renewed and made things worse. I stopped the service (I think because I couldn't open the server log file), then opened the log. When I couldn't find anything useful in there, I read online that I could set it to auto-renew with webadmin. I had to reset the webadmin password because I couldn't remember what I used originally. I used the adminconsolepwd command line utility to reset it. When I got into webadmin, I discovered that I had set up auto-renew after all, but it had never done it. After the things I tried so far, I could never restart the service. I finally tried reinstalling the latest version as I had been using version 7. It installed fine but the problem remains. I have attached the current log (that I had discovered mentions that the auto-renew failed) as well as the one from yesterday. I did note that the one from yesterday did mention that the license was "correctly downloaded" but then mentions that it expired in late december. So it seems to me that even though I didn't change the auto-renewal in webadmin (because it was already set), something did make it try to download a new one today. Perhaps the new version I installed did it. Thanks, David plastic.debug.log.txt plastic.debug.log.txt.20200324
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