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    Repository users

    Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll download the Windows client and run it in Bootcamp as that's probably less error prone than command line. It would be nice if the top level access permissions at least were configurable from the web dashboard given there are users/groups defined there already. As a GitHub user it's quite common to enable users at the repo level compared to finer grained control.
  2. Brett

    Repository users

    Ok, quit everything and retried, got everything connected again. My view doesn't look like yours. My repository view looks like this:
  3. Brett

    Repository users

    Now I'm really stuck. I opened Plastic GUI and connected to my repo and then it said it couldn't until I went back to Gluon and checked in the files. So went back to Gluon and it "forgot" who I was and asked me to connect again. When I try to connect it says the workspace already has files in it. Canceling quits the program. Now I can't access my repo with either Gluon or Plastic. How can I fix this?
  4. Brett

    Repository users

    Thanks for answer, I should have been clearer though: I mean for Cloud edition. E.g. In GitHub I can add specific users to my repo but I can't figure out how to do that in Cloud Dashboard.
  5. Brett

    Repository users

    How can I have multiple repositories each with separate users/permissions? The use-case is working with contractors where I want to enable them access to one repository as a developer but not all of them for my organization. I also want to pay the subscription cost for the contractor while they're working, then suspend when finished but have the option to resume later on should additional work be needed.
  6. I mentioned this in the other thread, but the Plastic use of the words source and destination are really confusing. It's hard to tell which direction it means and the context isn't clear. I have a workspace on my local disk and I can see the 2 steps local -> cloud. I my local directory to overwrite everything else: local server and then to cloud. Every time I try to push it brings me to a merge conflict window with no option to just overwrite destination (and as per my other thread the auto merge is suggesting the wrong direction to overwrite). So unfortunately it doesn't help. I have my pending changes that I want to overwrite everything else and can't find a way to do that.
  7. I had 4 conflicts to solve myself, which were just folders. And then the auto merge tab had more than a thousand but the action it would take is wrong. I want to prevent it from being auto merged and want all those to appear on the manual conflict resolution tab so I can set them correctly. Also related, how do I know which is source and which is destination? It's really confusing right now because in a given changeset you may need to resolve server conflicts and it's not clear if source means server or local and vice-versa for destination. Any window that has that should substitute the names in or put in brackets which direction it's going to be really sure.
  8. I have a merge where I can resolve some conflicts, but there is a tab with auto merge actions which are just wrong. I want to override or prevent the actions the auto merge wants to do. How do I do that?
  9. I'm trying out Plastic and seem to have gotten myself into a bad situation. Basically my local copy on one machine is correct, but the cloud is showing last change from a week ago and another machine is borked. On the good machine Plastic has no pending changes even though there are changes, and wants me to update from cloud which would overwrite my good local copy. What I want to do is overwrite the cloud with my local version that’s good to fix the cloud version, then pull that on the other machine to fix that one. I assume "pending changes" is a local to cloud diff? Why isn't it showing the differences correctly? How can I "force update" the cloud? I can't find any such option.
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