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  1. Yes, I can connect to the Repo via the client, and also push/pull code. I will email you.
  2. I uninstalled and reinstalled PlasticSCM at the default folder, and I'm getting the same error.
  3. If I type "cm" I get the plastic command line. I am using Unity Hub. Running Unity direct results in same error. I did not install to the default folder, but rather to "e:\Program Files" Both the files you listed do exist in their proper paths I gave full permissions to Everyone to the plastic installation folder, but that didn't help.
  4. Hey all, I'm just starting with Plastic. I installed the Latest Cloud client, and Unity is giving me this error: Version Control: PlasticSCM not installed. Please visit http://www.plasticscm.com to download PlasticSCM or contact support team at: support@codicesoftware.com UnityEditor.VersionControl.Task:Wait() Any ideas? Windows 10, Unity 2019.3
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