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  1. Hey Carlos, I added both PlasticSCMPlugin.exe's to my environment variables, then restarted my PC and it worked. For anyone else having this issue I'm not sure if it was the path or restarting that fixed it. I could not find a way to launch Unity without the Hub so I'm glad that wasn't an issue. We are still in early testing phase so if I have any other issues I will email support. Thanks, Ben
  2. Hello, I am looking into cloud source control options for our small team. I am currently testing out Plastic SCM and having an issue where I cannot get Unity to launch the version control plugin. I have looked through the forums and tried every option I could find and am now asking for some help. I have some screenshots included that show off the issue. I get the plastic command line when I type “cm” and I installed plastic to “C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5" and have a workspace created. I tried downloading the log tool listed on the forums but the link was broken (Here). I uninstalled and reinstalled Plastic and Unity. I tried to launch unity without the Hub but that seems impossible to do anymore. I’m guessing it might be privilege related but running Unity and Plastic in admin mode didn’t solve the issue. Thanks in advance for any help.
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