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  1. Why can't we solve it here so the solution is visible to other users and gets indexed to be easly find via internet browsers? I see no benefit of connecting since I cannot allow you to review my server anyway. Cheers, Robert
  2. Files are in specific directory along with only few other files. Why would any other file get copied during the cherry-pick? Isn't cherry-pick supposed to just copy files from specified changeset into current state of the repository I am in? At least this is how it works in git...
  3. Hi, I've got an issue when I try to cherry pick a changset it shows me proper files from picked change set, it resolves the conflict (if one exists) but when I press `Apply changes` it resolves whole branch that changeset is picked from e.g. I want to cherry pick changset with 8 modified files, I resolve conflict and then when I press `Apply changes` it resolves like 18000 files and shows all of them (sic!) in Pending changes once resolve is finished. Basically this feature doesn't work at all for me. Screenshots from steps provided below. And then when I press `Apply changes` this is what happens: It processes all the files on branch and addes them to `Pending changelist with following status. This is the result:
  4. Hi there, I've got an issue with connecting to server. Here is the setup I got and steps to reproduce the issue. I've got server installed and setup along with the self-signed ssl certificate on my dedicated Linux server. When I try to connect to the server after fresh restart there is no issue at all. Then, when I try to access web admin panel via browser entering http://hostname:7178 it try to loads the site and then ends up refusing to connect. After this admin panel attempt when I got back to Plastic SCM software and I try to connect to server via Configuration tool it says: "Cannot establish connection because target computer actively reject the connection _hostname:8088_". When I login to server and restart the server via _plasticsd restart_ command it works fine again. The problem is, that since the server is dedicated server anyone from anywhere in the world can try to access this web panel which will break the connectivity to the plastic server for me and would require server restart. Is it somewhat common issue? Is there a known solution to that? Can I disable web panel? Do you guys have any other suggestion? Cheers!
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