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  1. Thanks - that seems like a workflow which would work for my use-case. However, since we are using plastic cloud - I can't use shelving . I'll reapply my changes manually for now. Which can also be a step where code quality can improve, because I'm now recreating/reintroducing the end result while knowing where I am going. But when shelving gets supported for cloud I'll try it out
  2. I don't need to rewrite the history - I can keep main/featureA_messyTask as a branch - I just want to create a new branch main/featureA - where I copy in the changes I did and organize my commits. I guess there is always the option of doing this manually using featureA_messyTask as a template/ for the changes I am putting into featureA. My end goal is that someone further down the line who is looking at the history of a file - would see changes like this : "Added ability to test feature A directly by using the debug menu" - and not stuff like "continuing working on messy feature" - with lots of changes to multiple files. When I was working on the messy feature - I did not know exactly where I was going and what needed to change , and also I can sometimes be a bit messy in my programming whilst I'm exploring how to solve problems.
  3. I am sorry if this is in the wrong spot, and if my search/document reading skills were not good enough. My problem that I am trying to solve is this : I have been working on a branch that has lived alongside main for quite a while - and my commits have been "exploratory". In the git client that I used previously - I would sometimes do a soft reset, where I would keep all my changes, without any commits. My main goal is to create a new branch from main , where I order my commits and changes now that I know where I am going. Lets say I have main , main/featureA_messyTask and now I want to create main/featureA and copy in all the changes as local changes, from featureA_messyTask but not the history. Then I would order my commits in featureA so that they make sense to the code reviewer etc and finally merge in featureA into main. I hope it was possible to understand what I am asking for and help me figure out how to do this. Very happy with Plastic so far - we are using it for gamedev and it handles big files very well. Best regards.
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