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  1. Thank you calbzam. I did some further investigation. Checking the Deleted Section in Pending Changes actually pushed the process. To my opinion, the files shown had nothing to do with deleted files (they remaining files were added only on the source side, so an automatic merge would was expected for those files). But somehow checking the deleted checkbox triggered the Process All merges in a way it completed normally. The merge was ok as was the final result set. So the problem is solved although I can not explain why it was stuck. Thanks for your contribution!
  2. I am trying to merge my (= Geert) latest version (changeset 91) with the latest version of Lawrence (changeset 95). (See included image Branch Explorer Situation). I did manually resolve the conflicts which couldn't be resolved automatically. No conflicts are left. My Merge screen (also included) tells me that 17 merges have to be completed. Pressing the Process All Merges button should complete the merge (as also indicated by the documentation window below) However, pressing the Process All Merges button keeps returning me to the same situation, leaving me with an uncompleted merge. How can I solve this?
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