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  1. Hi Carlos You're right, we only had the regular VCS support: Plastic SCM on our TeamCity server. I can't find any plugin for teamcity called "Mergebot plugin". The closest is https://github.com/PlasticSCM/teamcityplug, which talks about the mergebot. Is that the correct one? If not, can you throw a link to the right plugin?
  2. Hi Carlos, thanks for responding. I 100% agree that the logs say it shelved and tested the shelve, but TeamCity build logs said something else. Sorry i forgot to add a screenshot of the builds last friday. Build #31 is a test of the branch im about the merge into main, #32 is the build initiated by the bot, and #33 is me again building to test if main works after merge. This is the reason why we believe there might be something working differently than intended. Is there any settings, setups, or installations we've missed that could cause this issue?
  3. I'm setting up mergebots to help with our CI/CD and I've run into a problem. We use the default trunkbot that comes with plastic server installation, but when we run it, it seems like it doesn't build from a shelve. Our plastic version is and TeamCity version 2019.2.1 Plastic mergebot logs show that the bot makes a shelve, but TeamCity runs the changeset already on main instead of that shelve. We did a test where we made changes to a branch to make it unable to build, but the mergebot still sucesfully merged it into main because main could build. After the merge main could no longer build. The logs in case you can see why it didn't work as expected. If there are any other logs that show why this happened, please let me know trunkbot.trunk.log.txtteamcityplug.TeamCityForMerges.log.txt Thanks in advance
  4. I honestly agree that there should be a better way to do it that doesn't generate all those conflicts... The workflow is that that we want to use the cs as version number when we build in with unity. It works well when we use TeamCity to build as it discards whatever changes is made when it builds, but if we want to build manually Unity reads from project settings what the version number is. Which is then saved and causes conflicts. There are workarounds which should be possible, but if Plastic had a way to simply ignore a given line it would be easier
  5. Is there a way to ignore a ignore specific line in specific file? Otherwise is a way to say whichever version of the file is fine for merging? In our Unity project we set the project version to match what cs we are working on, which gives a lot of merge conflicts... If there is no built in feature to deal with a known recurring conflict, is there any good workaround? We are thinking of setting up a pre-merge trigger that sets the value to 1 or something like that, but would much rather use a existing feature instead.
  6. Hi calbzam, thanks for the reply. I think I installed plasticscm-server-core so that might very well be why I can't get it to work. I will try with plasticscm-server-netcore instead.
  7. It did unfortunately not. I've commented on that post as well asking for help as I can't find the network.conf file. As far as i can find in remoting.conf i should have set up for ssl at port 8088, but it did not generate a network.conf file as the docs says it should. If i make a network.conf file and place in the same folder as remoting.conf it seems to be ignored. Is there a way to force it to use network.conf? If i delete remoting it stop listening at all.
  8. Hi Carlos, thanks for the quick reply. I don't think I have any firewall settings that should block plastic. I've tried to expicitly open the firewall for port 7178 with sudo iptables -A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 7178 -j ACCEPT but it made no difference. Do you know which commands i could use to check if the port is open and allowing access?
  9. Hi Is there a way to set up web admin for remote access in linux? I've followed the steps to install the newest version of plastic scm, and I would like to be able to access the web admin remotely. What steps do I need to take to set plastic up for remote access to the web admin? I can access the web admin locally, and I can connect through the plastic scm program on port 8087. If there is anything i can do i would love to hear it.
  10. Hi I'm trying to set up a new plastic server on a Linux (Debian 10.5.0) machine, and i want to use the no GUI setup. In your docs you state that you have to open the web admin in a browser on the local machine. I've followed the steps in your official guide to installing on linux and have the newest vesion available to apt-get installed. S_Luis explains how to set up for remote access. I've tried to follow the steps, but i could not find the network.conf file he said I should make changes to. I could find a remoting.conf file which your docs states is outdated and automatically replaced by network.conf. When I try installing linux with a gui and access webadmin through localhost i can work with it, and connect to source control on port 8087, but i've not been able to set it up for ssl. I've followed the steps to set up the self signed certificate in your guide to web admin as well. I'm slightly lost about what to do, do you have any steps I can try? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, i've tried to follow your steps S_Luis, but i can't find the network.conf file. Where is it supposed to be? I'm working on a linux machine - debian 10.5 if that makes any difference. I'm using plasticscm-server-core version When i search search for .conf files i don't find a network.conf, but i find a remoting.conf which the documentation states should be automatically converted into network.conf. Should remoting.conf delete itself after converting, or is it something runtime so when i search for files it will appear? I haven't been able to connect with the https:// :7179 port. I can open the webadmin from localhost, connect to it through the plastic gui as wel as create a new repository so I believe the service runs. netstat prints I tried to connect by ipv6 but that failed as well. Do you have any steps i can take? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, is it possible to run the plastic server on one machine and merge bots on another? I've found no mentions of it so far, but i believe it should be possible... We wish to switch to using bots for merges but are a bit hesitant about having extra services share the memory and process power on the server machine.
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