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  1. Hello, Is it possible to add an "Attributes" column on the "Branches" screen? See attached screenshot.
  2. Hi Carlos, I'm intrigued. I watched the video and read the mergebot-devops page. A mergebot would be perfect, provided I don't have to change the child branch's status attribute after every checkin. Is that possible? For example, suppose I have a child branch with 1 changeset. I change the branch's status to "validated" and thus a merge is performed. Based on the example on the mergebot-devops page, the mergebot would automatically change the status to "testing" and then, finally, "merged" - but I would need it to automatically return to "validated" so I can keep checking in additional changesets to that childbranch. Is this a possible mergebot configuration? If so, is it possible to automatically assign "status = validated" upon the creation of a child branch? Thanks in advance! Jen
  3. Thanks Carlos. Is there anyway to do it from the desktop client, say, in Workspace Explorer?
  4. I'm trying to create an aftercheckin trigger that will merge the latest changeset to its parent branch. I believe I have to do something like this: 1. List all changesets cm find changeset "on repositories 'FWN'" --format={changesetid} --nototal 2. Parse the output to find the latest changesetid and store it in a variable: latest_changesetid = ??? ...help? 3. Find the name of its parent branch and store it in a variable: parent_branch_name = ??? ...help? 4. Use the changesetid and parent branch values in a merge command in a trigger file: cm merge cs:[latest_changesetid] --to=br:/[parent_branch_name] --merge --keepsource Any advice is appeciated!
  5. Is there a way in Plastic to find all occurences of a string in all files of a workspace? For example, if I want to change a variable name and need to find all of its references.
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