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  1. Popping into this thread (after posting about a related one), because we're getting into that territory. We're baking lightmaps for one project that's in the gig range. It takes a couple of hours to rebake the lightmaps right now (we're trying to figure out how to speed that up, but we're already using Bakery). With that amount of time, it's desirable to have them checked into VC. But the size (and related fees) is concerning.
  2. 2020 has come and gone (thank all the deities). Any advance on this feature? We're just talking about it now, and how we're going to handle lightmaps that run into the gigs.
  3. Now that we are on the cloud, I have a similar question. As long as updates have been made in the cloud repo for plastic-global-config, does anything have to happen for it to be reflected on the developer's desktop? Do plastic and unity (with the beta plugin) still need to be restarted?
  4. Oh, and as another team member pointed out, you lose the ability to right-click on a file and perform version control tasks, and it no longer prompts you about checking out a prefab before modifying it.
  5. Okay, thanks. So what you'll lose if you turn that off is the little icons on the files in the inspector, right?
  6. When using the plugin, should the Project Settings -> Editor still be set to Plastic SCM?
  7. It's not just me, and it's not just about this one file. A lot of our team have puzzled over some of the Status column values when trying to get used to Plastic. When I spent hours trying to help untangle some stuff yesterday, there were multiple times where we said "What does that even MEAN??"
  8. I still don't get it. If they weren't already controlled, then they should have said "Private/ignored." If they already were in source control, they they should have been current (this was the first time I'd gotten the plugin). But they were both already controlled AND they said "Added".
  9. Okay. This does seem to be the case. But I'm even more confused. The "status" of these items says "Added". And they are under the category "Added and private items." I don't really understand what Plastic is telling me I need to check in on these files, if they're already in source control. If they were changed, they should but under the changed items, surely? And if they were not changed, they shouldn't be a pending change at all, right? Why would they even be listed under my pending changes?
  10. JEP

    Error: zlib64

    Yeah, the unity/unity hub relaunch fixed it without having to reboot. Thanks.
  11. It's really hard to tell what happened. He was working on the main branch of the project. Then a couple of other developer merged some stuff into the main branch. Then he was trying to check in his pending files, and it listed two unresolved merge links. We finally had to shelve a ton of stuff and just hit it with a hammer enough times that we got to the other side. And then I found out later that he'd somehow managed to check in his changes to a different branch other than the main one. So... I just don't know. I don't know that the logs will be anything other than totally confusing. So far today I've spent about 3-4 hours trying to sort out version control stuff and zero actually developing my project.
  12. I'm trying to ignore the Plastic plugin folder, but it just doesn't seem to work. I have this in the plastic-global-config ignore.conf: /Assets/Plugins/PlasticSCM* But this is what I see in Plastic's pending changes: Also, did a newer version take out the right-click "Add to ignore list"? I don't see it anymore, which is quite confusing.
  13. JEP

    Error: zlib64

    One of our developers ran into this same thing when he tried to use the beta plastic plugin today: I had him check and zlib/zlib64.dll are both in the directory suggested.
  14. Okay, I did it and didn't get the Text Mesh Pro trying to update. I've seen a similar thing before when I imported an asset and Unity tried to have me import totally unrelated assets. I think that's what it did here. So we got the plugin installed and everything. Then we went to Windows -> Plastic and tried to actually use it to check in a couple of files. Right clicking on one of the files and choosing Diff gave him an error that unfortunately I didn't screenshot. It was similar to "can't find revision information". Then he clicking on the checkin, and got this: This doesn't happen on either of the other two developers' machines. Edit: Crossposted to here:
  15. We've ran into this, and are at a loss as to why. It certainly makes things unpleasant.
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