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  1. This "feature" just totally confused me as well. I guess nothing was ever implemented to address it.
  2. JEP

    Push an entire repository

    Okay. My point would be for GUI parity in features. This feature seems to be missing there.
  3. JEP

    Push an entire repository

    I get what you're saying. We prefer the GUI (as you seem to in your writings), and wish it wasn't so clunky to do this. There's no technical reason it couldn't create the repo if it doesn't exist, or a branch you are pushing/pulling if it doesn't exist (with a checkbox to do so). The only reason is "because we haven't done it that way before", unless I'm missing something. It would be a nice convenience for users who aren't learning yet another command line because they are using the GUI.
  4. It's really frustrating not to be able to push an entire repository (one that was created on the local server that I want to now push as a new repository in the cloud). I have a handful of repositories I want to upload to our new cloud server and as far as I can tell I have to connect to cloud server and create them all before I can push any data to them. This is with the GUI, at least. Perhaps there's some esoteric command-line way.
  5. I''ve added/imported that plugin into my project. I still get Sourcegear DiffMerge coming up when I do a Diff against head. I still see that as the only diff tool in the preferences:
  6. Thanks, I will try that. I wish it was more prominent in the existing documentation.
  7. I set up Plastic in Unity 2019.4 by going to Project Settings -> Editor -> Version Control and setting the Mode to PlasticSCM. How is this different than installing the package? Should one do both? Which one are you referring to as "the old plugin"? In any case, mine opens Sourcegear DiffMerge, which we installed before installing Plastic. Kind of confusing.
  8. Huh. It took me running a "Diff with previous" about three time before I noticed the "Semantic diff" in the bottom-right of the "Differences" window. I thought it was the same Differences window I had in Plastic before I installed. In fact, the more I look at it, the more it seems that installing SemanticMerge set my diff tool to LESS semantic. If I use the external tools setting that - now correct me if I'm wrong on this - semantic diff added to my Plastic configuration, it opens in an external window, and the Text/Semantic diff buttons are "sticky". So at some point I must have clicked the "Text diff" button on one when first trying it out, and then later forgot that and thought I was still using the built-in Plastic diff and there was no semantic diff. I just spend about 10 minutes trying to understand all this (not a good sign for how clear it is to potential customers). It seems like semantic DIFF is included in Plastic, but semantic MERGE is not (even though SemanticMerge can do both, so you don't really need the semantic DIFF if you have Plastic). And if you install SM, it seems to mess with your Plastic settings for diff in a way that I would call unhelpful (but reversible). I would still like the ability to configure the internal diff tool to always default to SEMANTIC diff instead of TEXT diff, though. Thanks for the help.
  9. Can Unity be configured to use Plastic's diff tool? If so, how?
  10. It would be great if SemanticMerge's feature to analyze the actual structure of the code could be used as a diff tool, rather than only for merges. Often I want to just see the difference between a file and its previous version, or the differences between to divergent files, without trying to compare it to a base file or created the merge output. It's a shame that it seems like the technology in SM are going to waste in situations like this.
  11. Yes, I get that it automatically handles a lot of the issues, but when it does and manual intervention is required (which happened on a couple of files in the very first set of changes I needed to merge), it feels like a step backwards to have to have it launch another tool with a slightly different interface (especially when you've just started using both tools). It would be a strong product if it could do its automatic stuff, but also allow manual intervention.
  12. I started merging a branch with Plastic for the first time yesterday. Some of the merge suggestions had me tearing my hair out. So I tried SemanticMerge and it was a huge improvement. However, the one area I didn't like is that it couldn't do the actual conflict resolution/editing right there in SM. It had to launch the external merge tool instead. I feel like this makes the process feel more disjointed and easier to mess up. It would be preferable if SM was an actual superset of the functionality of the regular merge tool, rather than still requiring it.
  13. Yeah, that's my opnion. They don't look like any normal buttons, just titles. Either they should look more button-like, or the message should be reworded to make it clear what it's referring to "by clicking on the Deselect buttons".
  14. Okay, I think I figured this out (it was almost guaranteed I would if I posted about it). Apparently these are the "buttons": Correct me if I'm wrong. I will say that they really didn't stand out as "buttons" for me at all.
  15. I'm a little confused by the "Resolve it by clicking the buttons above" wording below: Which "buttons" is it referring to?
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