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  1. Thank you Carlos! But this is a matter of UX (behind the scenes you can do anything you have to to comply requirements of your server). And it is still not clear why I can introduce new changes to the merge. I mean I can copy-paste old content of a file doing a manual revert, right? Why cannot you allow us to do the same thing in a straight forward way through undo?
  2. Why it is allowed to introduce new changes while merging but it is not allowed to undo existing changes from the source branch? Isn't it a non sense? I often want to revert some occasional changes while merging but I am lazy to switch branches for this.
  3. Okay, thank you! New plugin is not supported in 2020.1: "This plugin is not currently supported for editor versions 2020.1 and above on Windows. We are actively working on adding support for these versions"
  4. It happens everytime. So my environment: Unity 2020.1.2f1 (it was in 2019 too) JetBrains Rider 2020.2 (2020.1 too) - when you edit C# file and then switch back to the Unity editor it modifies the .meta Plastic SCM
  5. How to prevent unchanged .meta files to be listed in Pending Changes? In my preferences I has "Check content (hash) when the file timestamp is modified..." CHECKED. And in Pending Changes options I has "Check the content to determine files are changed, not just timestamp" CHECKED too. But meta files are still marked as changed and can be wiped out with "Undo unchached" command succefully. What is going on?
  6. We are still adapting Plastic after switching from the Git so a lot of questions arise. What is the real benefit of pressing Check Out every time you would like to edit an asset (a prefab or a scriptable object)? We work in task-branches and merging everything into the main, so what for is this extra click on Check Out button? In what case I can prefer not to push Check Out button?
  7. We make a Unity 3D project so our repository root looks like: Assets/ Packages/ ProjectSettings/ ... Where do you store intermediate non-code assets like art sources (PSD files) etc. ? My current idea is to create folders like `Art/` or `Work/` nearby in the root.
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