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  1. @ollieblanks just to confirm - having worked for some time now with the Plastic SCM plugin window closed, it works so much better. No more hangs. We've even noticed that when updating the workspace it can hang on import if somebody had moved files or folders around, but again this doesn't happen if we update using the client rather than the plugin.
  2. Since switching to Plastic SCM, we've been experiencing occasional hangs where the editor would become unresponsive and would require a forced restart. This happens when editing a script in Visual Studio, saving, and then returning to the editor. The editor will get stuck on importing the edited script. Separately I've also experienced the editor freezing occasionally when pressing Play. This would also require a restart. Using Unity version 2019.4 and the Plastic SCM plugin. Any troubleshooting suggestions would be welcome!
  3. Thanks for this! Would you be able to clarify if I set up a new group and deny all permissions, will that essentially allow a user in that group to only download the project without being able to make any changes? Thanks
  4. We recently started using PlasticSCM for Unity, and we now need to share our project with an external third party for review on a temporary basis. Is there a way to do this using PlasticSCM? Thanks!
  5. Hi, After checking in several asset changes, the library source asset database file shows as below: Is this expected behaviour? What should I do with this? Thanks!
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