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  1. Pierre

    Selector (bug ?)

    Hi, Tried a bit to move folders with files around, but I can't reproduce the issue anymore...
  2. Pierre

    Selector (bug ?)

    Hi, I think I used both unity plugin (the project view) and windows explorer to move the files. Under Resources/, I had 3 folders with sounds. I moved all folders under a single folder. I changed also some other files. Then the check in gave the error message. When I copied all the sounds folders in their original places, the message disappeared and I was able to commit. Then I was able to delete the copied folders and check in without error messages. I'll check if I can reproduce it to give you a more step by step approach with screenshots. Pierre
  3. Pierre

    Selector (bug ?)

    Solved. The issue has happened when I tried to move some folders containing some sounds into another folder called "Sounds", so I had all my sounds in one folder. I was able to solve it by copying the above mentioned moved folder into their previous place. A checkin was then possible without errors. After that, I removed the files and the folders and did a checkin after deleting the content of a folder or the folder itself, and I had no more issues. I hope this helps you reproducing and fixing the issue. I love the tool and should start to use it for work soon (I use it at the moment for a hobby project)
  4. Pierre

    Selector (bug ?)

    I have moved some directories. Could this be the reason for the error message ? Do I need in this case to do an "update workspace". I am not sure what the "update workspace" does, I am afraid it will change files in my project.
  5. Pierre

    Selector (bug ?)

    Hi, I get an error message which I don't understand. I've been moving some files around (about 40 sound files). I've tried checking in only the files that I modified, but I still get the issue. I am a free user, working on a local workspace alone on my project Any ideas ? KR
  6. Hi, Sorry for the silly question, but where can I find the location on the hard disk of the local repository ? I only find default@local as location, but it does not tell me where it is on the hard disk. Thanks in advance P
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