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  1. It worked. Thank you very much ! Hm, I am a bit confused here. My goal is to open my PlasticSCM repo (Cloud Edition, read-only) to everyone with Internet access, like Github. Using the above GitSync can achieve this goal, but to make it simpler, I'd rather avoid using git altogether. So, a few questions regarding this: 1. Can I give public access to everyone without adding them as "users" via the Cloud Dashboard, which AFAIK, I would need to do first ? 2. What information would I need to share so that users can access my repository (read-only) ? Would something like repo_name@myaccount_name@cloud be sufficient ?
  2. Does PlasticSCM support Github's two factor authentication ? I am trying to sync my PlasticSCM repo to github using gitsync, but I am having login credential errors.
  3. Is this also available for the Cloud Edition ?
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