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  1. It might be a silly question. I am working with PlasticSCM Cloud. I can't figure out how to set and check the permissions there - did not found anything in the docs.
  2. Hi I tried a trigger in the client (after-clientcheckin) but the trigger is not started after checkin. Do you have any idea why? Thanks & best regards
  3. Hi, thanks a lot. We are using teamcity. We would like to get the changeset id of our current local workspace to use it in a Unity script Yes we could use "cm status --cset" and parse the result in a Unity Script. Do you have an example for a trigger script where the latest changeset id is always written to a text file or an environment variable? If would be perfect if the Plastic SCM Unity plugin will offer a simple api access for Unity scripts. For example to get the current changeset id or to subsribe a method which is called before the checkin and after the checkin. Regards Thomas
  4. For integration in our Build process we would like to get the changeset number of the current changeset via Unity script. Is there an easy way to get it via the Plastic SCM Unity Plugin?
  5. Hi, thanks a lot. This was the hint I was missing: "NOTE: In your TeamCity machine, please copy the "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf" file to the client binaries folder "/opt/plasticscm5/client". This way, doesn't matter the local user who runs the TeamCity server, it will be able to read the client configuration."
  6. Hi, I am trying to get PlasticSCM and Teamcity up and running. The problem seems to be the user rights to the command line tool cm. If I understand it right the user of the teamcity service should be the same as one of the cloud users. Cloud users need to have a valid mailadress as a username (e.g. user@domain.com). For local users on the teamcity build server I am only allowed to use usernames without "@". How to proceed. Can you explain in detail how to setup PlasticSCM Cloud with Teamcity? Thanks Thomas
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