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  1. We have upgraded the plugin to 3.4 and I'm happy to report that the issue has been fixed and the command now succeeds! We are also still able to get the output ot the cm command by assigning the output to a script variable inside the Jenkins Pipeline, so as far as I can see there are no breaking changes introduced by this change. Thanks a lot! I consider the issue solved.
  2. Hey, thanks for the response! I will be looking out for a plugin update and I'll update this topic with the results.
  3. Attempting to invoke a cm command from a Jenkins Pipeline on a MacOS agent consistently results in a ParseError, despite the fact the command seems to return a well formed XML file. I'm using the following command to update the Plastic workspace: cm(branch: '/main/branch_name', repository: 'Repository', server: 'ssl://xxxxxxxxx:yyyy', useUpdate: true, directory: 'repository') On both Windows and MacOS, invoking this command outputs an XML file with changes, which on MacOS is followed by FATAL: Parse error: Content is not allowed in prolog. and causes the stage to fail, which in turn fails the entire Jenkins job. This seems to happen consistently no matter if the command is invoked from a script section or not and no matter if the return value is ignored or captured to a global variable.
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