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  1. xgodina

    Plan details

    Hi Angel, As a OpenSource we have a public repo and our community can download our repo as also sometimes they can make some contribution. This is bad news for us, do you have some way to solve that ? Forgive me for my insistence, I would just like to be able to work with you. Regards, Xavi
  2. Hi, @calbzam Yes, if I have it installed and I'm testing to lock files and other things. I'd like to see those changes in the Unreal editor. Regards, Xavi
  3. xgodina

    Plan details

    Hi @Angel MaƱas Any update about this ? As I told you we are OpenSource and a lot of people download our repo. Should we pay as a user for people who want to download our repo ? Regards, Xavi
  4. Hi @calbzam I've started to play with Plastic SMC and Gluon. I've created a repository on the cloud as weel. I'm learning how it works but I need to connect it to the UE4. Questions: 1- I've tried to connect the Source Control to Plastic but I can't. What am I doing wrong ? 2- Do you need the plugin to see the changes in UE4 ?
  5. xgodina

    Plan details

    Hi Angel, Thanks for you answers. However there's a point I'd like to clarify. If there is someone outside the computer who is not registered as a regular user and content is downloaded +5MB. Would this person be charged? thank for your help Regards, Xavi
  6. xgodina

    Plan details

    Hi, I'm new with this kind of stuff, I'm looking for new repo for my art team. I'm looking at the prices and I have some doubts. 1 - We are an Open Source and people can download our repo. Do you consider that a user? would affect the price ? What do you consider a user ? 2 - The first three users will always be free ? 3 - Do we have any content download limits? 4 - If we migrate our repo to yours we have to pay for that action ? Thanks in advance Xavi
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