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  1. I don't import anything from git or other source control. How can I see the SIDs attached for the two user ? I activate my user with cm au user. and I use --nosolveuser but it doesn't work. They are only one user in my ldap. I have a commercial license. I'll contact the support. Thank You
  2. Hi, when I run cm li I have two active licenses for the same username. I only use ldap authentication. Last week I have only one active license for the same user. I didn't active another licence for him. Since the problem apears, the user is like a new user with the same name in the plastic scm client when make any action. Today I try to deactivate with cm du "user". This command deactivate one user but not the good one. My user cannot connect to Plastic client. I try cm du "user" --nosolveuser. That don't resolv my problem. Please help me. Thank you.
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