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  1. Solved by Carlos in Support: Thank you Carlos!
  2. Disclaimer: I'm a novice with version control, heading a small team of Unreal developers and artists. We're using Gluon and the Unreal integration with Plastic. We've recently had some key level files overridden with people unknowingly working on the same files and checking them in over each other. My understanding is that when someone checks out a file, nobody else can check in changes, or check it out for that matter. Nevertheless, multiple people have been able to check out the same file at the same time with no warnings or errors (we get loads of errors for inconsequential Unreal merges, but that's another issue). Am I missing something? This seems like a pretty core issue. How do I make sure that when a file is checked out through Gluon/Unreal, that nobody else can check it out and then check it back in?
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