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  1. Adding myself to the thread, we're interested in solving this problem as well.
  2. Done. Let me know if you need privileged permissions.
  3. May you please tell me which user do you want us to invite?
  4. It's a Cloud repo, I'm going to ask for the invite.
  5. Hi again Carlos, AFAIK the NDAs are signed so we can proceed with the issue Please let me know what do you need to start working on it. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am facing some challenging features to be added to our CI/CD pipeline that would require an external tool to be implemented. Most of these features are to operate on Plastic SCM objects such as checkins and branches. It would be great if there was a way to integrate such features in Plastic SCM instead to make it a completely separate app. Is there a way to naturally extend the Plastic SCM GUI client with custom additions (for instance, to add new entries in context menus, or new buttons, etc.), in the sense of plugins/modules/whatever? In case the answer is "no", have you any
  7. Sure. Some stuff renamed just for confidentiality purposes. hidden_changes.conf ignore.conf
  8. Here you have it. Yes, calculations speeded up without hidden/ignored files/patterns; from 15-30 to about 5-7 seconds. Please find the corresponding logs attached. plastic.debug.log.20201210.txt plastic.relevant.log.20201210.txt
  9. Edited The problem is happening to more than one user. They followed the instructions here with no noticeable improvement: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2018/05/debugging-pending-changes-view-performance.html The logs for the particular user that raised the request: 2020-11-27 10:58:12,228 <OMITTED> DEBUG WorkspaceStatus: DiskChangesSearcher - -------ProcessChanges:-------- 2020-11-27 10:58:12,228 <OMITTED> DEBUG WorkspaceStatus: DiskChangesSearcher - timerGetMountPoint 30 ms, 223988 times 2020-11-27 10:58:12,228 <OMITTED> DEBUG WorkspaceStatus: DiskChangesSear
  10. I am so sorry but I don't understand what you mean with "options marked with *". In my Pending changes/Options window there are no options marked with *.
  11. Hello, We've started to experience long times waiting the "Pending changes" tab to update. Even disabling the auto-refresh feature, it tooks from 15 to 30 seconds to update, no matter how many changes we have. Other options such checking timestamps then hashes, or modifying the move detection settings didn't improve the update time. I was wondering whether there is a way to accelerate such updates in some manner, or if you have any kind of file watcher service that looks for changes in real-time instead of inspecting in "Pending changes" update-time that we can use. Best.
  12. Thanks @calbzam. Closing this thread in favor of joining instead. Best.
  13. HI all, joining as we need that particular feature as I've mentioned in I would expect something similar to what @Barron Kane mentioned earlier about Perforce. Will watch this particular thread and close mine. Best.
  14. Hello, One of the repositories we have is a one-branch, data-only repository consisting of quite big binary files. Such files are not mergeable at all and generally we only want access to the last revision as they are raw assets (Photoshop, Maya, etc. files), thus we work on them incrementally. Because of this, we don't need to keep all revisions for such assets, it would be sufficient to store let's say the latest 3 revisions for each of them. Perforce provides per-file way to do so, and we're wondering whether Plastic does provide a similar system or not. We don't need a per-file s
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