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  1. Sorry about the late reply. Yes this is exactly what is happening when trying to use gluon. I will add "calba@codicesoftware.com" to repo. Thanks. Just join our organization, and when workspace/repo confuguration screen comes (In Gluon) Try to list our repository.[We have only one.] It will not list it untill you change that ""somename_Ist" to "somename_ist" and keep throwing connection timedout error.
  2. Sorry, I am not good at explaining We set our organization name as "somename_Ist" when creating organization from cloud. And when we try to list our repo under our organization using Gluon we are seeing "somename_Ist" as organization name.(as expected so far.) But it was giving timeout and we were not able to list our repos When we type "somename_ist" as our organization name instead of "somename_Ist" in gluon, we were able to see our repos.(Note that our actual organization name is still "somename_Ist") [It might not be related to I letter itself, maybe it updated something when we remove 'I' and insert 'i' instead.] If my explanation is not clear, I can try to record a video for you.
  3. Btw, another artist also encountered same issue. Problem seems consistent.
  4. Hello, We recently switched to plastic scm from git. We named our organization somename_Ist. One of our artists(he is the second person switching to plastic atm.) couldn't connect to repo. It keep giving error of "connection timedout, you can increase timeout limit from client configuration file if this happened during push/pull process" error. This wasn't the exact message of course but I forgot it (shame on me). Anyway I suspected there is already a process connected to one of the ports which plastic trying to use. We diagnosed, reinstalled everything etc, we couldn't solve the issue. After an hour of trying, we excidentally found the soloution. we removed 'I' from somename_Ist (our organization name) and put 'i' instead. (In initial configuration window of plastic scm(the window comes after logging in and selecting I wanna use Gluon)) And issue resolved. We were able to see our repo list under our organization. Wanted to report this to you Cheers.
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