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  1. Hi guys. Im very noob with plastic and with others too. So, I'm reading an article on the plastic blog, about “how to archive branches", using attribute technique, but I don't understand anything. Could someone help me to create it step by step? There are commands to be typed, but I don't even know where to do this. LOL The article at: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2019/06/archive-branches-in-plastic-scm.html I have some branches in my Plastic Client and I want to use attributes to manage branches that are working and that don't need to work anymore. Mostly, I want to hide it in my GUI and show it only if I want to. I think it will give me more control and organization in my project. I will start branches for versions of my applications, like Beta, Release etc, and all the temporary branches used for bug fixes and other things, I will archive, everything that is finished.
  2. No option to modify the user is displayed to me. just a label informing who is connected.
  3. hello, how can I modify the user and login of my Cloud Edition client on the Mac? I'm new to the Mac. In the app's preferences, he toldme: The user profile can only be configured using LDAP or User/Password authentication. I don't know what this means. But I understand the reason for not having a simple option for this
  4. Please, can someone explain to me what this type of checkin is? This is persistent. I already selected this before and had it checked in. when I navigate to other branches and return to some source, these same items appear again. Same as the picture. They appear without being selected, with this red dot and in the Added and Private category.
  5. Hello. For some reasons all my packages are showing at my checkin. This is not my first checkin. I've already uploaded my entire project. I've also done other checkins before. But for some reason it appears again. I can't checkin on them. I get an error message. How should I proceed?
  6. Thanks for your answer. You really hear mismatches here. LOL. I redid everything manually. Everything working here. Ty
  7. My question at the moment is: What should I do? I have a deleted project in my repository that is consuming space. I do not know why! My project that I was working on is defective. It lost its branches and I am unable to take any action on the current branch. I have pending checkin, but I am unable to post them. I tried to effect in new branch but this generates error. I tried to create a new branch, but this also generates an error.
  8. JEZUS MAN. I think I know what happened. I had requested a migration from my Collaborate to Plastic. 24 hours later and nothing had happened, and I didn't know what was going on with this process. I sent a message here on the forum but I didn't get a reply, so what I did was create my repository manually and then I started using it. Another 24 hours passed and I had already worked on several modifications, including new branches of portability, updates and bug fixes. However, I believe that now, a few minutes ago the migration occurred, and the system removed my current project, in which I was working, due to the fact of having the same name. At the moment I don't have a functional project. Because he removed one, and my current one is providing errors for any action I want to take. Right now my Plastic doesn't know how to proceed. I am not able to work in any repository. It Was this way before: Im trying continue in this wrong branch, after the problems, but i cant. I Cant Checkin, I Cant create Branch, i Cant do nothint.. SAAAAAAAD! I lost branches, and I lost work. Super amateur on your part? Please work on updates to prevent users from creating repositories with the same migration name. This will prevent other users like me from losing their jobs. Also create a status system that will inform the user about the progress of the migration. 48h without any feedback!
  9. I do not understand what is happening but it suddenly appeared. Automatically Right now my repository is all defective. I can't checkin and my branches have been removed by themselves.
  10. Hello, im starting with Plastic. Before that i was using Unity Colaborate. I used the Migration wizard from Plastic Web Site, around 24h ago, but at my Cloud panel from Plastic, there are only the title of the my projects, but all empty. What do me do? Need i upload manualy my projects? Need i waiting more? I don't know what's going on behind the scenes. I was not informed by email about the completion of the migration, so I really don't know if the system is still migrating or if it failed!
  11. I don't understand why, but I can't download the client from the page link. I can download some Gigabites from other files in minutes, but I can't download 190Mg of plastic. Its is variation around 11h to last time download. No make sense. Is there any other place where this download can be found for me to get it?
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