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  1. My problem is solved. I don't know if you need to mark it up in the topic or something ? @calbzam The problem was completely on Github and LFS side (and mostly on mine) since there are multiple LFS bandwidth to check with Github. If you happen to have the same problem, make sure you check both personal LFS bandwidth and organization LFS bandwidth. It is a bit unclear when any of those are consumed since in the day to day usage, my personal one was reacting and when I wanted to gitsync, the organization one was... Bandwidth for LFS : https://docs.github.com/en/github/setting-up-and-m
  2. Hi Carlos and thank you for your answer, I'll forward my question to Github forums to see if they have any ideas. Just in case, do you know if it is possible to break the gitsync into smaller parts ? I have 4 branches and about 1 000 commits which might cause an overload. Branch per branch ? Until a certain commit ? Regards, Thomas.
  3. Yeah, that's exactly it !
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to plasticSCM and I'm trying to sync my github repo to be able to fully work on plasticSCM in the future. There is one problem with Git LFS while following the sync guide in the last part of the export I got the following message : "An error occurred while contacting GitHub LFS: This repository is over its data quota. Account responsible for LFS bandwith should purchase more data packs to restore access.. You can disable the Git LFS support from the command line (cm syunc) unsing the '--skipgitlfs' option." I went on Github to buy more bandwith on LFS w
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