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  1. Gautam

    Automated Builds

    So If my understanding is right, we install jenkins and we use the plugins and set it up on a machine and host it locally or on some server. There are no settings in any area within Plastic SCM where I can just enable jenkins and not worry about the installation and setup of jenkins etc and use it.
  2. Gautam

    Automated Builds

    I am trying to check options in Plastic SCM and also see if I can do automated builds directly on cloud. However I didn't see any specific feature or documentation about it. I do see some info about how to setup jenkins but there were a few questions I wanted to clarify :- 1. Does this happen on the cloud. 2. What is the cost for building it in the cloud. Is it covered in the regular price or is it additional cost. 3. Are there other options apart from Jenkins. 4. Is the option available in the free user plan to evaluate it ?
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