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  1. I'm having a similar problem just trying to update with no merges. I have 3 locally modified files, two are checked out, no conflicts. This prevents me from updating the rest of the data, so I can't test my changes against the latest. It seems to want me to checkin first and then update, which seems entirely backwards to me and very frustrating. I had a similar problem when I started using SCM a few days ago - spent all day modifying 20 files, tried to update, somehow ended up with 522 modifications and 3 mergelists which I eventually had to checkin en masse because I could not figure o
  2. I have exactly the same problems and I am already on a branch, not a specific changeset. I also have "Allow to merge with pending changes" enabled, but it still won't allow me to update.
  3. I'm familiar with CVS, SVN, AccuRev, Git and Perforce, but I'm really struggling to understand the basic workflow of Plastic. I have 3 locally modified files (no conflicts). Plastic will not let me update the rest of the data because I have pending changes. But a Checkin will push my changes to the shared server without testing them against the latest data. What is the expected commit workflow in Plastic, because this makes no sense to me. What am I missing?
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