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  1. Hello Héber, I confirm: the issue is still happening, I still have the error despite using the right credentials. I am going to contact the support as you suggested. Cordially, Grégory S.
  2. Indeed my Plastic account is linked to my Unity ID, I use my Unity logins for Plastic. But I did not change my email address recently. The more surprising with this is that I can login on plasticscm.com without any problem and access my dashboard on the website, but the credentials check on the desktop software does not succeed. Cordially, Grégory S.
  3. Hello, I am having an issue in the general panel of the Preferences window : despite using the same credentials that I use to login in on plasticscm.com, I get the Invalid credentials. Couldn't get the organization name error. Because of this, I cannot use a sync view to sync my local repository with my cloud repository. I am using Plastic SCM for a Unity project, in case it could be the origin of my issue.
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