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  1. Apologies for the late response. I was out for jury duty. Thank you for the additional info. In the future, I would not recommend downgrading a Unity Editor to a previous major version, especially from 2020 to 2019. The Package Manager does not handle this edge case very well and can result in trying to load packages that are not supported on older versions of the Editor. Like you found out, the Version Control package implements the UI differently for 2019 vs 2020+ versions of the Editor, which creates a lot of Version Control-related compiler errors when you downgrade a 2020 version of the project to 2019. Since you mentioned that you removed the Version Control package and was suddenly able to see the Plastic SCM context menu again, by any chance are you using the Plastic SCM for Unity Plugin from the Asset Store? (You can confirm this by checking if your project has a Plugins/PlasticSCM folder.) I ask because the context menu should only be visible if you either have the asset store plugin (which has been deprecated because it currently conflicts with the Version Control package) or the Version Control package of at least 1.7.x. If the above is the case, then you should be able to return to Unity 2020.3, delete the PlasticSCM folder in the Plugins folder, then install the latest recommended Version Control package from the Package Manager to resume working as expected (with context menu intact).
  2. Hi @Hydrasin, I'm sorry that Plastic SCM is missing in the context menu of the Project Browser for you. That's very odd that it seems to only come back when the .plastic folder is removed from your project. Could you tell me the following so that we can try to reproduce it? Unity Version OS Version Control package version
  3. Hi @kieryst, I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to your project. Could you tell me the following so that we can try to reproduce it on our end? Unity Version Version Control package version When you notice that references are missing in a prefab, does it happen in all of your prefabs or just some of them? Also, were there any recent checkins that included changes for those prefabs before you noticed the missing references?
  4. Hi Alan, I'm sorry you're encountering this issue. This sounds like an issue we discovered recently where typing "Shift + O" in the comment field is unintentionally interpreted by Unity as a request to open an asset in the Project Browser. We've pushed a fix to v1.12.6/1.13.6 of the Version Control package, but I can't give a specific ETA of when this version of the package will be available just yet. Regards, Ryan
  5. Hi Alan, those errors you're seeing related to the Plugins folder sound like you may be using the deprecated version of the Plastic SCM Unity Plugin. The version on the Asset Store is no longer being updated now that it has been merged into the Version Control package, which you can download from the Package Manager window in the Unity Editor. I strongly recommend that you delete the Plastic SCM folder in your Plugins folder (since it will create compiler errors if both versions are installed in the same project), then install the Version Control package from the Package Manager. Do NOT delete your .plastic folder in your project's root folder so that the Version Control package can read from that folder to put you back in the same state you left off in without having to make any other changes. Let us know if you run into any issues with the transition process.
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