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  1. Hi Heber, This doesn't seem to be the case on a Mac? It just shows "No Action".
  2. Cool, that worked after I created another folder inside of the workspace. I guess I assumed it would do that for me with the name of the Copy. Thanks!
  3. Is there a way to view items as a tree in the pending changes tab? Example with: Git Fork. This way all changes (added/deleted/changed/moved) are combined to the same path – easy to see what you're committing. I just feel like I'm constantly swamped with changes in Plastic, and they are all thrown around in changed, deleted, added, moved categories. I want to commit everything under one path, is this possible? Thanks.
  4. Hey, is it possible to have two workspaces of the same repository on the same machine? I seem to be getting an error: Workspace X2 on machine MyComputer contains workspace /Path/X1.
  5. Thanks for the help. I think I may be doing something wrong as my dropdown is completely different. Is there a step by step guide to setup GitSync?
  6. Hello, was the GUI support added for GitSync on OSX? If so where can I find it?
  7. Hello, was this ever implemented? I can't see to find how to enabled Plastic SCM with Rider on OSX.
  8. Thanks for the answer! Hopefully the feature will be added to the future versions. I can't seem to be able to work without it 🙃.
  9. I don't always want to checkin(stage/commit) the entire file. Sometimes I only want to stage a few lines, and sometimes I just want to discard some lines. GitFork does this really well. I was curious if this was possible with Plastic?
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