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  1. Ah it's all good, with some Automate.io text format splitting I think it'll be workable (just done it with the New Changeset trigger) Looking forward to the Code Review PlasticLink! These are awesome
  2. No I understand the difference, but was wondering how those links will be constructed, and whether either the link or the info to create the link will be available through the Code Review Created Webhook on cloud so that we can use some automation features to automatically display the link in our slack and jira workflows?
  3. Oh that’s fantastic thank you!! Will these be accessible from the Code Review Webhook, or at least constructible from the data provided by the webhook?
  4. Hi, We're using the Code Review feature in Plastic and have been looking to automate/improve our workflow a bit. One step of the workflow is to post about the new codereview in a Slack Channel, however we then have to go and search out the specific review. This isn't all that hard but it's a little tedious. I have been toying around with WebHooks now that cloud properly supports them and was wondering if PlasticSCM has support for protocol URL's, my idea being to take the output of the after-mkreview trigger webhook and construct a link to open that review in the GUI, that can be pos
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