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  1. Hi, I'm using the OSX version of Plastic SCM - (The Faces - Stay With Me). It's the Cloud version. I can't see any option to sync via GitSync in the GUI - on the Windows version, one can get to this via the branch view and then right-clicking on a branch. Are either (or both) of GitSync / GitServer supported by the OSX Cloud version? Regards, Gerard
  2. Hi, I'm feeding the following YAML files to Semantic Merge as output from the FSharp plugin:- --- type : file name : C:\Users\Gerard Murphy\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge\samples\Java\Socket\src.fs locationSpan : {start: [3,4], end: [7,0]} footerSpan : [0, -1] parsingErrorsDetected : False children : - type : namespace name : Foo locationSpan : {start: [3,4], end: [7,0]} headerSpan : [0, -1] footerSpan : [0, -1] --- type : file name : C:\Users\Gerard Murphy\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge\samples\Java\Socket\dst.fs locationSpan : {start: [3,4], end: [7,0]} footerSpan : [0, -1] parsingErrorsDetected : False children : - type : namespace name : Boo locationSpan : {start: [3,4], end: [7,0]} headerSpan : [0, -1] footerSpan : [0, -1] (Don't worry about the 'Java' in the path - I just placed my F# files in the samples directory to re-use the sample scripts with minimal changes). Semantic Merge shows an error dialog indicating what looks like a null reference exception, see attachment below. The stack trace is also attached below. Do you have any pointers as to what is going wrong? While the plugin is still at a very early stage, I'm keen to make sure I've got the YAML protocol part correct before going further. Three things that spring to mind immediately to me are:- 1. Can the headers and footers be set to the default of [0, -1], or are they required? 2. My reading of the informal specification given the Delphi plugin developers implies that I don't need to populate any terminal nodes in the YAML - is this the case? 3. Did I get a flag wrong on the command line? I am using:- set mergeOptions= -ep=""C:\PlasticSCMWorkspaces\SemanticMergeFSharpPlugin\FSharpPlugin\bin\Debug\FsharpPlugin.exe"" %contributorFiles%%resultFile%%difftool%%mergetool% Regards, Gerard
  3. Hi, I'm thinking about the feasibility of implementing an external parser for Semantic Merge for F# - this *might* handle code that defines anonymous functions. Looking at the container definition in the description of the generated YAML file, is it absolutely necessary to populate the 'name' attribute - or can the core Semantic Merge engine work with anonymous containers? My guess is that it can, because the names can change for a construct between files due to renaming, but I'd like to check first.... Regards, Gerard
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