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  1. Hi, more details: turns out that the issue number is stored in Attributes of the CS, so actually it looks like it's just the Jira extension that's broken. I think this might be usable enough for us for the time being, though getting a link to the issue on Jira would be preferable.
  2. Hello, I am trying to set up integration between Plastic and Jira (cloud version for both). I've managed to get Plastic to read open issues from Jira and posting the checkin details to the issue as a comment, but the issue is not stored in the Plastic changeset. A series of screenshots that'll hopefully clarify what I'm trying to do, and what works and what worksn't: Step 1: Make checkin, find Jira issue by ID. Step 2: Check out the issue on Jira, looks good, the checkin details appear as a comment. (The Plastic SCM field is leftovers from previous attempt w/ custom fields,
  3. I got this working by filtering on the server based on the request's form data, so this is not an issue anymore.
  4. Hello, I am trying to set up a webtrigger, so that all checkins to a particular branch - but not to its children - send an HTTP POST request. I tried to do --filter=br:/develop when creating the trigger, and that seems to correctly ignore checkins to branch /tweak-flux-capacitors, for instance. However, it does react to checkins to the children of the /develop branch, like /develop/optimize-quantum-flow. I would like it to ignore the children. Is this possible? I couldn't find much information about the --filter flag in documentation. Thanks!
  5. I got POST requests working with cm tr mk after-checkin "POST request" "webtrigger https://example.com/ci" --server=our-org@cloud . Starting to ask smarter questions...
  6. I see, thanks. We're currently running a lightweight custom build script with HTTP request based integration with the rest of the tools. Sounds like we might have to switch to something else. We tend to use CircleCI a lot here, is there any support for it?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to set up a CI automation for our repo, so that all checkins on a specific branch would trigger a build. I'd like to send an HTTP request from a script file, but I don't understand how that would be set up on cloud, or if that even makes sense on cloud. Or, if this is not possible, how would a typical CI system be set up to work with Plastic Cloud? Any examples would be helpful, I don't quite know what I don't know, so I'm having a hard time asking smart questions here. Thanks in advance!
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