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  1. OK It created the workspace this time. Yippee! Thanks very much ☺️. Do you think the installation will be otherwise OK? Can I run anything to validate it? Do I need to change any of the sample configuration file sever settings for the Cloud version? Kind regards Mouse
  2. Yes the sample config allowed the server to start from Windows services management. Thanks! Versions - Windows 7 Ultimate SP2 64bit, as given above. I have 3-4 patches missing. .Net 4.8 is installed. I think you mentioned the possible need for a specific .net version in our demo? Plastic SCM version is above. Installer executable name is: PlasticSCM- Installation ran smoothly. Kind regards Mouse
  3. Thanks Carlos. Plasticd configure runs 1. Using default ports - assume that is OK? 2. Which working mode should I use for the cloud product? 3. Any other settings for which there is no default? Kind regards Mike
  4. Thanks Carlos When I run this I get: "Server config file D:\Programs\PlasticSCM5\server\server.conf not found. PlasticServer is not correctly configured. Execute "plasticd configure" to configure server on text mode, or "configureserver" to launch the gui server configuration wizard." On the command line. Still no plastic.debug.log.txt file
  5. Hi Carlos. Thanks very much for your response. Unfortunately there is no such file in the PlasticSCM5\server directory Possibly because the server never managed to start? Kind regards Mouse
  6. The Problem When trying to create my first workspace after installation I get the following error: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" I checked to see if the local server was running, it was not, so I tried to start it from Windows Services manager. This failed with the error "Windows could not start the Plastic SCM server service on Local Computer. The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion" Possible direction for solution The post below suggests that Telerik ORM (Object relational mapping library) is likely to be involved, the author thinks the culprit is the file mono.security.dll: Uninistalling Telerik and separately mono.security.dll in $windir/assembly worked for him/her. But on my computer I have mono.security.dll installed into multiple KeyPass (password manager) plugin directories, which I need to retain, and also a mono.security.ni.dll and .aux files in a subdirectory of $windir/assembly. The latter may have been installed by Bentley Autodesk (CAD) viewing software, which I note installs Telerik (ORM?) software, and which I would prefer not to uninstall, but could if essential. Mono.security.dll is also installed by PlasticSCM into several PlasticSCM directories so this looks like a .dll version or multiple instance clash. Environment PlasticSCM Cloud version: Windows 7 Ultimate SP2 64bit - patched almost up to date (3-4 patches missing) Windows firewall: OFF (to see if it was involved) Comodo Cloud antivirus: Real time protection OFF (to see if it was involved) Query Is there any fix for this without uninstalling Keypass and Bentley? Really would like to use Plastic if I can. Maybe useful to others to have a fix as it seems the Telerik ORM library is quite commonly installed by other software....... Many thanks in anticipation for any help you can give. Mouse
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