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  1. Ok, update: I was able to solve it by doing the next black magic ritual: - Undo the changes - Check out the file and check it in WITH NO CHANGES (apparently that's a thing we can do) - Reload unity so it updates the solution - Check it in again now with changes I still would like to understand the technical reasons behind it, but at least I can work now...
  2. Hey there! I have encountered a weird problem after updating some of my own assets and bringing them into the project. Basically I have added some assembly definitions so the solution file for my project got updated, but no matter what I do - plastic won't let me commit it, which is very frustrating. I use only the main Plastic SCM client (with no unity plugin or the built-in Plastic SCM integration). I attached the screenshot of the error. As the message suggests - I tried undoing things, then relaunching unity and checking-in again - but it creates the same error. I also tried
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