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  1. Is there a feature where you can search for a file that has been deleted? I know you can search a file in the file explorer and look at it's history, which is super cool and helpful. I'd love to be able to find a file that has been deleted and see it's history also... is this possible? Thanks, Will
  2. Is there not a button inside of Plastic that you can press to upgrade the software?
  3. Not sure why this is happening... This is all I get when trying to delete added items. I can find the items in explorer and delete them, but it's not ideal.
  4. For example I would have 5 files out of 10 checked ready for Checkin. I will press Checkin, and Plastic will take me to the "Incoming Changes" tab. I will Update workspace which takes me back to my pending changes. Now pending changes have additional files checked. This often makes me Checkin files which I didn't want to, as I didn't spot the additional files that have been checked. Is there an option to stop this happening? Thanks, Will
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