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  1. Thanks for clarifying it out. I move my laptop from home to the office today. The check-in function works. Maybe it's some network problem. I have some other questions which I want to make sure. a) There seem two ways to create unity project host on plasticscm. 1) Login and create a project from unity hub, and it automatically login to plasticscm use your unity account. (Seems easier for most unity users) 2) Login to your plasticscm account(which has no link with unity), and set up sync information in unity. Like this tuts b) Under user preference->profile->server, it seems it always cannot reach all the servers, but the check-in and check-out still work. So what is the reason for this? Thanks.
  2. My team has shifted from unity's old collab system to plasticscm for quite a few months. The feel is good, much better, and stable than unity build-in one. But today, I meet the warning message "There has been an unexpected error "No space left on device." For more information, check for the server log." I thought it means to upgrade the project space usage, and I think it's ok and glad to pay. I check the storage usage on plasticscm under my linked unity account, only 0.3GB/5GB, still not out of use. But on the unity side, it does not even count the space usage of the project hosted on plasticscm. So, it makes me quite confused about which place I should pay for the storage linked with the unity project. I try to pay 5$ for 25GB on unity for one month, and the error still shows. I doubt whether purchase on plasticscm will work.
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