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  1. Hello Carlos, Thank you so much ! It worked ! First I was trying "cm listlocks" without adding the server but by adding the server name I got a full list of locked GUIDs. Then I stumbled a little bit with "cm unlock" but finally grasped that I needed to add the server since I was using the Cloud service. Eventually the correct command was "cm unlock YourOrganization@cloud [GUIDs separated with a space]" Again, thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks ! So I figured it could be the Windows cmd tool but running commands doesn't work for me there so I had given up that lead. EDIT : nevermind it works! I could enter "cm unlock" and "cm showcommands". My bad. However I think I'm supposed to write something to specify which file to unlock exactly after "cm unlock" but I don't know what exactly. EDIT 2 : Ok it gives me a few more info but unfortunately it's inintelligible to me. Do items have individual "GUIDs"? I can't seem to find anything in the workspace explorer by rightclicking them. Also "repserverspec" would be this according to the "help objectspec" command, but I have no idea where to find this information. This really is not beginner friendly, damn ^^'
  3. Hello, I'm working on an Unreal project with a small team of five and we've noticed a few files were "exclusively locked" while actually none of us had them locked on our machines. I think it is because I recently changed the Lock rules of the repository to stop locking .uasset files and I think the "lock state" of these files must have been lost somewhere. They've maybe never been "unlocked" officially. It's more an annoyance than anything because each time we're saving our Unreal project we've got a source control warning from these files but we can still "make them writable" to save what we've done. This warning is getting old quick though ^^ Anyway I'm reading here that the admin (me) can unlock files manually using the "command line". https://support.unity.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047499731--Workflow-How-to-unlock-a-file- Problem is: I'm using Windows and I have no idea what and where the "command line" tool is. I'm feeling pretty dumb actually. I tried opening "cm.exe" since the command lines start with "cm" but to no avail. Can someone help me and specify exactly what tool I should launch? Thanks for your help
  4. Great, thanks for your help I consider this question answered then! Have a nice day.
  5. Hello Carlos, Thanks a lot for your answer. Ok so it's just that texts are easier to manage in terms of merging since you can better see the differences, if I understand correctly. Uasset files don't seem to be text, at least not pure text. Opening them with a Notepad creates a lot of parasitic "characters" in between some recognizable words, so it's probably wiser to let them be considered Binary. Do you agree? Best regards
  6. Hi everyone, We're developing a game on Unreal, but we're mostly artists and we're pretty new to control versioning. We've installed Plastic Cloud and it's running great, no problem with that, but I'd like to ask a question to be sure I understand something correctly. See, I recently realized most Unreal assets are saved using the "Revision Type: Binary". This is the case of .uasset and .umap files, for example. Uassets can be pretty much anything in Unreal, from Textures, to Light Data, to Meshes, etc. They can be small or pretty big. I'm afraid that "Binary" files are going to eat our cloud data limit faster than text if we modify them frequently. It is a concern or am I mistaken? Should we maybe change the revision type from Binary to Text in some cases? It's probably a very dumb question, but like I said we have no engineering background whatsoever, so thanks a lot for your help :) Best
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