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  1. Okay, recurring pattern here! I made a forum post asking for help with an issue and then managed to somewhat fix it on my own. What was the issue: 1. My encryption key was correct, I was worried I mistyped it the first time 2. My connection profile was set up in a weird way, due to me messing around with it previously. Now it's org@cloud, automatic, SSO autheticated 3. That allowed me to sync to the cloud 4. After that I had to fix a weird merge issue that was created by importing from github, but it's good now! Also, my worry about what push/pull exac
  2. Just managed to get Plastic SCM working and migrated my github repo into a cloud repo on Plastic. Steps I did: Set up git sync to clone repo from github into empty Plastic SCM Cloud repo Removed git sync attribute and related files since I want to permanently switch to Plastic Removed some git related files(.gitignore, readme.md) and did a checkin Wanted to sync to cloud and figure out how distrubuted workflow works exactly Got this error(screenshot attached) Other than not knowing why this is happening I am new to Plastic and not that experienced with gi
  3. Hey, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I managed to figure it out and it seems to be properly connected now! Here is what I did to fix it: Found out how to start server manually from CMD, it quit with an error saying to check my .NET Core prerequisites. Installed those, updating windows, installing multiple C++ Redists and a certificate. Restarted and tried to start service/server/daemon from CMD again, which resulted in it saying a server.conf is missing. Went through config setup in CMD. Service was up and running finally, but I still had er
  4. First things first, I'm trying to use Plastic for the first time and migrate my game project to it. I am currently subscribed to the free cloud version, and I downloaded the plastic cloud client. However, when I try to do anything it's saying I am unable to connect to the server: Can't connect to [euwest4-00-cloud.plasticscm.com:8088] after 3011 ms. To increase the timeout set SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec in client.conf. Configure server.conf if the timeout happens during push/pull I tried messing around with preferences in the gui and googled for any solutions but I cannot se
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