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  1. I do not have the old configuration written down or memorized, but as far as I remember I enabled SSL previously for some unknown reason to me. Totally messed up on my end.
  2. Sure thing! I posted here first, but realized I won't get a reply as quickly as through e-mail. Wanted to delete this topic however, it didn't seem possible. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Unable to pull from my cloud repository on another machine, even though encryption keys are the same. I manually looked to which .key file was my cloud repo assigned, and to my surprise it is exactly the same key on both machines! Which means my "password"/seed is correct. I even tried manually copying the cryptedservers.conf and .key files to the new machine but it is not working still. The server error log goes as following: 2021-06-15 00:02:38,839 (null) (null) ERROR Replication - Error replicating data. Data cannot be decrypted, please ensure your encryption key password is correct.. at a4u.a(SymmetricAlgorithm A_0, Byte[] A_1, Int32 A_2, Byte[] A_3) at a4u.a(Stream A_0, Int32 A_1, a20 A_2, Byte[] A_3) at a4u.ne(BinaryReader A_0, Int32 A_1, a20 A_2, Byte[] A_3) at a48.a(a& A_0, BinaryReader A_1, Int32 A_2, Boolean A_3) at a5e.a(a& A_0, BinaryReader A_1, Int32 A_2, a48 A_3, b A_4) at a5e.a(a& A_0, BinaryReader A_1, a48 A_2, b A_3) at a5e.b() at bg.a(RepId A_0, a5b A_1, ah2 A_2, Boolean A_3) at ase.kh(a5b A_0) at ar0.a(List`1 A_0, ask A_1, asl A_2, Action`2 A_3, b& A_4) at ar0.a(a A_0, ask A_1, asl A_2, Action`2 A_3, Action`1 A_4, b& A_5) 2021-06-15 00:02:38,999 ERROR Replication - Error processing replication operation. One or more errors occurred. (Data cannot be decrypted, please ensure your encryption key password is correct.). at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.WaitAllCore(Task[] tasks, Int32 millisecondsTimeout, CancellationToken cancellationToken) at ar0.a(List`1 A_0, ask A_1, asl A_2, Action`1 A_3, Func`1 A_4, Action`2 A_5, Action`1 A_6, Int32 A_7) at arc.a(List`1 A_0, ask A_1, asl A_2) at aq9.a(List`1 A_0, ayo A_1, a49 A_2, a5a A_3, a0o A_4, ah2 A_5, ah2 A_6) at aq9.a(ayo A_0, a49 A_1, a5a A_2, a0o A_3) at aq9.k() at arc.je() at arn.a(Object A_0)
  4. Okay, recurring pattern here! I made a forum post asking for help with an issue and then managed to somewhat fix it on my own. What was the issue: 1. My encryption key was correct, I was worried I mistyped it the first time 2. My connection profile was set up in a weird way, due to me messing around with it previously. Now it's org@cloud, automatic, SSO autheticated 3. That allowed me to sync to the cloud 4. After that I had to fix a weird merge issue that was created by importing from github, but it's good now! Also, my worry about what push/pull exactly does as well as being able to see if everything has been uploaded to the cloud is solved, as I found out how it works and looks once I managed to get it working.
  5. Just managed to get Plastic SCM working and migrated my github repo into a cloud repo on Plastic. Steps I did: Set up git sync to clone repo from github into empty Plastic SCM Cloud repo Removed git sync attribute and related files since I want to permanently switch to Plastic Removed some git related files(.gitignore, readme.md) and did a checkin Wanted to sync to cloud and figure out how distrubuted workflow works exactly Got this error(screenshot attached) Other than not knowing why this is happening I am new to Plastic and not that experienced with git either. I have another smaller question and that is how do I exactly know where my code is when working with a distributed workflow, i.e. Which status means what in the workspace explorer, and why are my push visible/pull visible buttons not available to click in the sync to cloud tab, is it due to the error? Just want to have a sanity check to make sure my code is being "remoted to the cloud" and not just being stored locally. Thank you, Nikola
  6. Hey, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! I managed to figure it out and it seems to be properly connected now! Here is what I did to fix it: Found out how to start server manually from CMD, it quit with an error saying to check my .NET Core prerequisites. Installed those, updating windows, installing multiple C++ Redists and a certificate. Restarted and tried to start service/server/daemon from CMD again, which resulted in it saying a server.conf is missing. Went through config setup in CMD. Service was up and running finally, but I still had errors. Tried removing cloudregions.conf but it was to no avail still. Completely wiped my configuration folder: C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Local\plastic4 . Finally managed to log in and connect to my cloud org and repo with no issues. Finally I can get around to using Plastic, I can't say it's not my fault as I am currently running on an older Windows 7 laptop as I do not have access to my main machine now and it's probably to blame. Anyhow, what's important is that it's working now. Thank you again, Nikola
  7. First things first, I'm trying to use Plastic for the first time and migrate my game project to it. I am currently subscribed to the free cloud version, and I downloaded the plastic cloud client. However, when I try to do anything it's saying I am unable to connect to the server: Can't connect to [euwest4-00-cloud.plasticscm.com:8088] after 3011 ms. To increase the timeout set SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec in client.conf. Configure server.conf if the timeout happens during push/pull I tried messing around with preferences in the gui and googled for any solutions but I cannot seem to figure it out. As it isn't my user@org not connecting, instead it's the Plastic Cloud server??? It appears in the plastic scm gui, in gluon and when setting up the workspace upon opening plastic scm for the first time! Anyhow, it's probably a beginners issue, hopefully I can resolve this and start migrating to Plastic SCM. Thank you!
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