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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Any ETA? It's just to try to find an alternative solution or wait until the support is there.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to setup a basic client trigger of type before-clientcheckin on a Plastic Cloud server, but it's never executed on the client, even when it's a client trigger. cm trigger create before-clientcheckin "Basic ClientCheckin" "f:\demo\before_ci.bat" I have tried other client side triggers and they never get called. The trigger is created correctly If I specify the server when creating the trigger with --server=myserver@cloud then I get the complain that cloud server only support webtrigger for security reasons. Which makes sense for the server side triggers, but I think the restriction should not apply to the client side triggers. If I setup a trigger of type webtrigger on the cloud server, it gets called, but I just want to execute a simple bat file on the client machine to do basic checks like ensuring the format of the file is correct. Any suggestions? Thanks Juan
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