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  1. Hi @calbzam Thank you for your answer. I know it is possible so set which user and group are allowed to edit comments, but with this mechanism only I do not find a way to implement the following: "nobody is allowed to edit changeset comments except the changeset author". Regards,
  2. Hello, I would like to prevent users from being able to modify changeset comments, except in the case the user is the owner of the changeset. Is there a way to do that? Thanks,
  3. Hello, I would like to enforce branch to follow a particular convention when a user create a branch. For instance enforcing a predefined list of prefix: e.g bug-<name>, feature-<name>, user-<name>. I did not find in the documentation any "branch rule" mechanism. Thanks,
  4. Hi Rafael, What I wanted to know was if it was possible to return to the same "branch explorer" visualization. I think your answer is telling that it is not possible: I can go back to the same state of the main branch, but I cannot remove the child branch. I think the philosophy in Plastic SCM is not to be obsessed about the changeset history. As opposed to git, since plastic can handle much heavier repository, it does not matter if your repository has its history a bit messy. Thank you, I think you answered my questions.
  5. Thank you Rafael. By merging the moved changesets back to the main branch, it's kind of a "copy" instead of being a move. Because of the merge link it is not possible to delete bad changesets. Is it possible to delete those bad changesets? Maybe there is a way to merge without keeping the merge link? Or removing the merge link afterward? Regards, mdel
  6. Hello, In the situation where my main branch is A<-B<-C<-D, by running Move changeset to a different branch to the changeset C it will move C and D in another branch. In the case it was a mistake operation, I did not find anyway to revert this operation (and having C and D back to the main branch). In other word, it is always possible to split a branch in several branch (using Move changeset to a different branch and branch rename) but I did not find a way to merge 2 branches back to one. Thanks
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