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  1. I read that paragraph several times. I tried to simplify my scenario: I have a simple git repository with name `ExampleMini`, on my computer. Here is the its content log: (master)$git log --format=full commit a87dc19880e014b6e54a45b007be563f0ed3d87b (HEAD -> master) Author: OtherUser <other_user@gmail.com> Commit: Foo <Foo@gmail.com> second commit c2d43e2f888aabda8fc32985046709b6e2816827 Author: OneUser <one_user@gmail.com> Commit: Foo <Foo@gmail.com> first (master)$ I run a git server on my computer with next command: git daemon --base-path=. --export-all --reuseaddr --informative-errors --verbose I configured the `gitsync.conf` like: (master)$cat ~/AppData/Local/plastic4/gitsync.conf [email-mapping] little_dog = one_user@gmail.com little_cat = other_user@gmail.com little_bird = Foo@gmail.com (master)$ After that I created a new repository via UI: After that I sync with local `ExampleMini` git repository: Eventually sync is finished successfully: But the 'Created by' fields does not contain plastic user from the 'gitsync.conf' file, instead it contains my (unity) plastic account id. How can I migrate the authors of a git repository to be changeset creators in plastic scm repository? Is there any possibility to achieve it?
  2. Hi there, I would like to import a git repository to a new plastic scm repository. (It would be a one-time import.) I made an import from UI by `GitSync` and from the command line by `git fast-export` but at both methods, the authors of the git commits were not imported correctly into the plastic repository. All imported changesets got my plastic user as owner, but there are two other authors in the git repo. I would like to see almost the correct history with owners/authors in the plastic repository after the import. (I am a cloud user right now.) How can I import all git authors as plastic owners into my new plastic repository? Thanks in advance!
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