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  1. Thanks for the update, and awesome that you are creating support for more different workflows!
  2. Hi! So new PlasticSCM user here, coming from mainly Collaborate. I wonder why all the files in my project are locked, untill I manually press "Checkout". Is this normal Plastic behaviour? I googled, and saw that if you uncheck "Update and Checkin operations set files as read-only" this would be fixed. However, the option was unchecked by default. Is there a way to not have to manually Checkout each file before I can edit them? I'm on the Plastic Unity beta plugin version 1.4.3
  3. Hi, I'm a new PlasticSCM user so I might be dealing with a rookie mistake. However this issue is making me crazy. I have a project that has been converted from Git to Plastic, and has a lot of files that are being automatically updated by the Unity Editor (a lot of plugins). First I added these files to the ignore.conf file, this didn't work. I learned later, that this doesn't work because the files in question are already checkin to the server. So than I added them to the hidden_ignore.conf file, thinking this would make the plastic plugin ignore the local changes to the file. However, it doesn't work! (see picture of the file being added to the changed items, but also correctly linked to in the hidden_ignore file. The thing is, these files (there are a lot more of them), each give conflicts at every "incoming changes", because every developer has different automatic changes to the files. How can we fix this?
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