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  1. Copying the *.conf files to the "client" binaries got me a bit further and allowed the test connection to come back success, although it didn't seem to be fully connecting. After some more poking around (I wish I could say what the solution was), everything now seems to be working correctly with the proxy server and TeamCity. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey both, agent and TeamCity server are running on the same machine (not sure if that makes any difference). Both look they are using SYSTEM user. I've made a build step which was just 'cm lrep' The output was the following (*** the @cloud name but the team name is correct) So I'm guessing it's trying to auth me again? A build step with the command 'cm whoami' outputs my user email correctly so it does seem to picking up some details correctly. If I just do 'cm lrep' using a command prompt (same machine) it returns correctly.
  3. Although the visual editor is now working (with the cache) It looks like TeamCity won't connect to the server. When I try to "Test Connection" it never seems to return a result. I did at some point have this working (before I setup the proxy). I've copied "client.conf" to the client folder as suggested in another post - This I think got it working but that was before I started using the proxy setting. I've tried removing the proxy server setting but still doesn't seem to work.
  4. Thanks, this looks like it worked. Renaming the token file, did seem to cause a few issues with the cloud login but after a few tries seemed to sort itself out.
  5. Hi, The documentation seems to suggest the proxy server can be used with Plastic cloud, but I can't seem to find any information of how to configure this. Does the proxy server support the cloud? Can the teamcity plugin be configured to use the proxy? Thanks
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