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  1. Hi, In Plastic Docs we can close a change request with commit but I cant see any option of closing open(pending) change request. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hi, I was trying to create a docker container to automate some of the manuel work. When I looked on web I didnt find any premade docker image for plastic scm. Somehow I am able to install Plastic CLI however I cant clone our cloud repo. Can anyone help me about it? I was trying to run this command for clone operation cm clone repo@organization@cloud and prompts whether i wanted to use unity id or email, I choose email however when I enter my email and password it asks again and again. Probably we need extra authentication however I dont know how to do it and cant find any example of doing it. When i tried unity id i stuck at connection refused and i lost my chance of selecting any option(1-unityid, 2-email).
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