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  1. We would love to see feature branching implemented for TeamCity
  2. I know I'v mentioned this before, but since TeamCity, like Bamboo, supports Task Branching, and the Plastic-Bamboo Plugin supports Task Branching, it would be really wonderful if the Plastic-TeamCity Plugin could support Task Branching! Thanks
  3. I've noticed that the Release Notes for Lab versions have not been updating since October. What can you tell us about the 5.4.x version?
  4. With the recent release of TeamCity 8 we are looking to upgrade. Can anyone confirm that the Plastic SCM plugin is compatible with the new version? Thanks!
  5. In TeamCity, when I use Git or Hg, and I use a smartbranch... TeamCity will build from any changed branch without having to modify a selector. Bamboo does this as well. Is it possible to get Plastic and TeamCity to work in a Branch-Ready fashion?
  6. Will there be any support for a smartbranch selector for TeamCity?
  7. Okay, I won. Between not quite grokking the xlinks, Nuget dependencies, and TeamCity's build process, I had to restructure a few things before I got it right. Thanks for the push in the right direction
  8. How would I do this in a VS sln?
  9. subproj7 and subproj8 are utility-type projects that are used by lots of other projects. subproj1 depends on subproj8, AND mainproj also depends on subproj8 (as well as subproj1)
  10. I don't think I'm creating any loops. mainproj --subproj1(xlink) ----subproj7(xlink) ----subproj8(xlink) --subproj2(xlink) ----subproj8(xlink) --subproj3(xlink) --subproj4(xlink) --subproj5(xlink) --subproj6(xlink) --subproj7(xlink) --subproj8(xlink)
  11. Onece I get all my xlinks created, then check-in, I perform an update. I always get a bunch of "This item loaded twice" errors
  12. I have my repos back to normal now, and here's where I'm at: C.csproj depends on UT.csproj and CP.csproj main.csproj depends on C.csproj, UT.csproj, and CP.csproj (and 5 more projects) I added my xlinks to project C, checked them in, then did an update to get the xlinked projects. I added all 8 projects to the solution in VS, then made project-references. I always end up with a problem that forces me to delete my workspaces and repos and start over.
  13. I'll give it another try and see what happens.
  14. What's the best way to organize projects with shared dependencies? Here's a sample scenario: Project1 and Project2 both have a dependency on Lib1 and Lib2 Lib1 also has a dependency on Lib2 I need to be able to have TeamCity check this out and build it, too. I have not been able to successfully create xlinks to solve this. Whenever I use xlinks, I always end up in a situation where it tells me there's a change for Project1.csproj, but when I attent to commit it, it tells me there is no change. If I attempt to update, then it tells me there is a change pending.
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