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  1. rblock

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi, any news about this problem? Awaiting greetings Reiner
  2. rblock

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi, attached are some further screenshots and the server log file. The marked message in screenshot '2018-05-16_10-09-48.png' I just got once. Awaiting greetings Reiner plastic.server.log.zip
  3. rblock

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi Pablo, I don't find how to activate a stack trace or logging. BTW, why the MS Office addins claimed to be for MS Office 2016 but don't work? They're still named 'WordBackend2007'. I've attached some screenshots of MS Word 2016. Sighing greetings Reiner
  4. rblock

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi folks, ever I try to checkin items by using the client or by using the context menu of a folder I get the message 'Item 52524 could not be found in the tree. The new tree cannot be built.' (see attached screenshot). I already upgraded from version 6.x to the actual one but nothing changed. Therefore I'd really pleased if somebody have an idea what the problem is. Asking greetings Reiner
  5. rblock

    Can't apply for free Personal Edition

    Hi Manu, I've just a local server running. I tried "cm lrep localhost:8087" now and get the following error: "Limited by date evaluation license has expired. Expiration date 17.04.2016." Currently I am on my PC by TeamViewer and will come home today not before 18:00 h. And of course I not just restartet the Plastic SCM server but my whole PC since May 10. Ok, I found a way to get it working again. First I stopped the server and removed all existing license files. That was next to license.lic 'plasticd.org.single.test.lic' and 'plasticd.token.lic'. Then the server couldn't be startet and I copied the actual license file into the server folder. Then I could start the server again and the client showed no more error message and is working fine now. Happy greetings Reiner PS. The picture over her at the forum still can't be changed.
  6. rblock

    Can't apply for free Personal Edition

    Hi Manu, sorry, but it doesn't work at all. When I try to open the pending changes a dialog appears where it is said that the license has expired and it shows only an emptry tab. No changes at all. But both versions, client and server, are identical. Sighing greetings Reiner
  7. rblock

    Can't apply for free Personal Edition

    Hi Manuel, could it be because of "plasticscmshellextensionproxy.exe"? That I do have to restart the explorer.exe to? [EDIT] Did not work. Still got this and an error dialog. Asking greetings Reiner
  8. rblock

    Can't apply for free Personal Edition

    Hi, now it's curios. The server admin tool shows the right license until May next year but the client shows the warning "Cannot retrieve license information from the Plastic SCM server" Any ideas what's wrong? Of course I already restarted the client, too. Investigative greetings Reiner
  9. rblock

    Can't apply for free Personal Edition

    Hi unknown, great! That did work perfectly now! Many thanks! Thankful greetings Reiner
  10. rblock

    Can't apply for free Personal Edition

    Hi Manu, BTW, do you see that my photo is missing? I tried with different browsers to upload a new one but it was impossible. The file name was shown but not the picture itself. Therefore I thougth when I delete the old one I would be able to upload the new one. But to no avail. Perhaps someone of you can check this. Pictureless greetings Reiner
  11. Hi, because my team editin license expired on April 16, 2016, I tried to apply at least 2 times for the free Personal Edition. But until now I got no response. Is there some prerequisite I don't know except following you on Twitter? I got the message "The request has been correctly processed" but on my Dashboard is nothing different. Investigateing greetings Reiner
  12. rblock

    Symlinks on Windows do not work?

    Thanks for the link. I forgot the UserVoice and now added my votes for this urgent topic.
  13. rblock

    Symlinks on Windows do not work?

    I agree that IMHO this is a bug because, as already said, symbolic links are supported since Windows Vista and therefore must - not should - be supported by PlasticSCM, too. I use Link Shell Extension where is much information about links, too. Another interesting side is Windows Sysinternals of Mark Russinovich.
  14. rblock

    Can't checkin anymore

    I did the following now: I cloaked the old folder with data that was moved one folder up. Then checked in all pending items then uncloaked it and checked in again. This worked for me. Thanx Manuel
  15. rblock

    Can't checkin anymore

    Hi, in two workspaces I moved files and folders due to reorganization needs. But now when I try to checkin the changes in both workspaces I got an error that a file or folder already exists and the checkin stops at this point with that error. See attached screenshots because I'm not allowed to use the inside images. Does anybody have an idea what's going wrong? I already tried "cm checkdatabase" to no avail. Investigative greetings Reiner