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  1. Manu, I tried your last suggestion (cm update . --last) and that seems to be very close to what I am looking for. It works fine, as long as my current directory is in the target work space. However, the batch files I have been using thus far to manipulate plastic have NOT changed to the current directory. Instead, I have used CLI commands like this: cm stb --repository="Delphi.LabDAQ 4@vc-svr:8087" --workspace="C:\_Dev.Delphi\LabDAQ 4" br:"/main" Where I explicitly identify the target work space. (I am not sure if I need to identify BOTH the repository AND the work space, but t
  2. I tried your using CM FIND to get a list of the sprint branches. This worked, except that they appear in a random order. The most recently created sprint branch appeared as the third out of 32 branches listed. The list of branches appears something like this: C:\_Dev.NET\Lab>cm find branch where name like '%Sprint%' 32670 9/3/2013 2:26 PM /main/2013 - Sprint 18 - pre DevExpress vesion 13 WDN Lab T 39993 10/29/2013 1:01 PM /main/4.x/Sprint 22 DF Lab T 49445 1/7/2014 7:59 AM /main/2014 - Sprint 1 DF Lab T 16407 3/28/2013 10:15 AM /main/DE20031593/2013-Sprint6 WDN Lab T (and
  3. Greetings, Regarding the Label, I was hoping not to have to move the label, except when the new sprint branch is first created. I had hoped that once I located the label (which would always have the same name) I could then discover the name of the branch on which it occurs, and then move by home to (the end of) that branch. If I can't get the label to work without moving it every time the branch changes, then I will just shelve that idea for now. Your suggestion using CM FIND sounds promising. I will give that a try, and let you know how it works. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. We have been using plastic for about a year, and are currently using version - Hawaii. We have about a half dozen repositories, and in each repository we create a branch off the main branch for each sprint, about 3 weeks, then merge back to the main branch at the end of the sprint. We have an automated nightly build that builds the code on the main branch. But I would like to add a build of the current sprint branch as well, since that's closer to where the work is going on, and so more likely to change from day to day. However, I cannot figure out how to use the CLI to switch t
  5. While attempting to check-in pending changes, I got this error message: "Revision 15306 not found in repository 65". I cancelled the check-in, shut down and restarted plastic, then tried checking in again, same result. Prior to the check-in, I had changed 2 files that I wanted to check in, but also had created a few dozen other files that I did not want to check-in. When I checked-in, I selected ALL the files (the changes and the additions), so after the check-in, I did a subtractive merge of the last change set. Then I created a branch from the change set before the bad check-i
  6. OK, I tried again, this time following your instructions more closely. I still only followed steps #1 and #3, but for step #3 I used cherry pick merge, not a regular merge. And this time, I was not prompted to resolve any merge conflicts, and the resulting work space matched exactly the original tip of the 4.10 branch. So, the moral of this story is that your instructions, IF FOLLOWED, did what I needed. Thanks for your help.
  7. I tried a variation of your suggestion and was able to get close to what I wanted. My actual goal was to make the main branch look like the 4.10 branch (not to make the 4.10 branch look like the main branch), so I only followed steps #1 and #3. And for step #3, I used a standard merge of the change set from the top of the 4.10 branch to the main branch. Also, I created a sub-branch off the tip of the main branch to do this work. So the subtractive merged was checked in first on the sub-branch (step #1). Then the merge from 4.10 was checked in on the sub-branch (step #3). However,
  8. I have a main branch, representing work on a new version that has been abandoned. There are child versions branched from the main branch each time a new major version is released. The most recent child branch is named "4.10". "4.9" is the name of the branch before that. Both branch directly from main. Since the newest version has been abandoned, I would like to be able to swap the main branch and "4.10" branch with one another starting with the change set on main where "4.10" originally branched. Let me provide an example. Suppose the main branch has change sets 1 through 20.
  9. Are "Name Conflict" and "Evil Twin" the same thing? I have found a number of files in our repository that have names like "(name_conflict)_ABC". In each case, there is another file in the same folder of the repository named "ABC" (in this example). I do not recall when the file "(name_conflict)_ABC" was created, but I have concluded that it was caused by adding the same file name ("ABC" in this case) to the same folder on two different branches of the repository, then attempting to merge them. In fact, I am certain that when I created the repository early in my use of Plastic, I incorr
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