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  1. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    OK, thanks. Please let me know as soon as a fix is available. We cannot upgrade until we have it and there are a lot of nice features we're missing out on... ?
  2. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    Is there an ETA on the fix for this? When Carlos and I chatted it sounded like it's going to be an option in the GUI to turn off flagging differences by file size.
  3. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    I upgraded to the latest release, turned off run fast update, but I am still experiencing this.... I'll need to contact support, again.
  4. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    Thank you!
  5. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    Did anything come of this additional research?
  6. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    I uninstalled version 6, totally, and reinstalled version 5 until this is all sorted out. Thanks
  7. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    I am in USA Eastern Time. I am available all day. I am sending a support email, now. Thanks!
  8. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    Thanks for the quick reply. The 1765 is dated only 2 months ago, so for a stable release, I think that's young enough. I have the Compare File Contents on as a rule, slow or not. I tried unchecking it, same results. It's weird because I have all these files showing up as changed, but not a single one shows any differences. Also, for fun I tried checking them in but none went in because there are no changes in them. The real head-scratcher is that I cannot undo changes, at all. Every now and then in version 5 I'd get some files showing as changed when they weren't, but I was always able to undo changes and get Pending cleared out.
  9. tom.peters

    Cannot Undo Changes

    Good Day! I just upgraded to I recreated all my workspaces and something weird is happening. I keep getting random files showing up in Pending as 'Changed', but there are no differences in any of them. When I try to undo changes, they simply do not get undone. I have tried deleting and recreating the workspaces numerous times. All I have to do is switch to a branch and suddenly all these changes appear in Pending. I do not have private files showing. All of these are controlled with no differences. I cannot undo these changes which means I cannot switch branches. Is there something I missed with this upgrade? Thanks, Tom
  10. tom.peters

    Planning Upgrade

    Good Day! I have been reading the release notes for SCM 6 and noticed references to "hydrate". I searched the docs but cannot find anything other than the reference in build 1744. What does "hydrate" do? Does it effectively do a full sync or something like that... forgive my ignorance, please. Thanks, Tom
  11. tom.peters

    Can Merge Be Forced to Have Source Override All?

    I just went with cm merge mergetype=forced and hit 2 + enter over and over. Any tips for next time would be appreciated.
  12. Howdy! I have a branch I need to merge and I have well over a hundred conflicts. I do not want to click through all these to specify Keep Source. I tried changing the Merge Options on the bottom of the Merge From Branch page and then recalculating, but I still have all these conflicts. I tried using cm with the mergetype=forced, but to no avail. Is there a way to just tell Plastic "Source wins for all"? Thanks, Tom
  13. Good Day! When I run cm find "changesets where branch like '/main/mybranch/defect 1234'" I get all the changesets back. When I run cm find "changesets where branch like '/main/mybranch/defect 123%'" I get no changesets back. I need to get a list of all changes sets in branches like X. I thought that if LIKE worked for a fully qualified branch it should work with a wildcard. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. tom.peters

    Can multiple Windows Users use the same Plastic installation?

    Thanks, Manu! I will do some testing here and see if he can access it when I am not around...