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  1. Hey All! I know Codice changed it's sync rules, but I cannot recall. If I upgrade my local server to 18.0.16 will I be able to leave my central server at 17.0.16 and still sync without issues? I'd like to take some time to test before having everyone upgrade. Thanks, Tom
  2. Thanks. I tried dropping and recreating the rep, but pulling still causes the error. I have sent the error log to support. This is Jet, by the way.
  3. Good Day! I am trying to pull a branch and got this error: Replica has found a duplicated GUID and will be stopped Any idea how to resolve this? I cannot find any documentation on it. Thanks, Tom
  4. OK, thanks. Please let me know as soon as a fix is available. We cannot upgrade until we have it and there are a lot of nice features we're missing out on... ?
  5. Is there an ETA on the fix for this? When Carlos and I chatted it sounded like it's going to be an option in the GUI to turn off flagging differences by file size.
  6. I upgraded to the latest release, turned off run fast update, but I am still experiencing this.... I'll need to contact support, again.
  7. Did anything come of this additional research?
  8. I uninstalled version 6, totally, and reinstalled version 5 until this is all sorted out. Thanks
  9. I am in USA Eastern Time. I am available all day. I am sending a support email, now. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. The 1765 is dated only 2 months ago, so for a stable release, I think that's young enough. I have the Compare File Contents on as a rule, slow or not. I tried unchecking it, same results. It's weird because I have all these files showing up as changed, but not a single one shows any differences. Also, for fun I tried checking them in but none went in because there are no changes in them. The real head-scratcher is that I cannot undo changes, at all. Every now and then in version 5 I'd get some files showing as changed when they weren't, but I was always ab
  11. Good Day! I just upgraded to I recreated all my workspaces and something weird is happening. I keep getting random files showing up in Pending as 'Changed', but there are no differences in any of them. When I try to undo changes, they simply do not get undone. I have tried deleting and recreating the workspaces numerous times. All I have to do is switch to a branch and suddenly all these changes appear in Pending. I do not have private files showing. All of these are controlled with no differences. I cannot undo these changes which means I cannot switch branches. Is ther
  12. Good Day! I have been reading the release notes for SCM 6 and noticed references to "hydrate". I searched the docs but cannot find anything other than the reference in build 1744. What does "hydrate" do? Does it effectively do a full sync or something like that... forgive my ignorance, please. Thanks, Tom
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