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  1. I am having some trouble with "cm cat" also. Seems specifying the repository on the end of it has no effect unless the command is run within the workspace and matches the workspace repository EG cm cat /maturity/extranet/modules/area/transfer/act_transfer.cfm#cs:7963@default@ "The specified revision was not found /maturity/extranet/modules/area/transfer/act_transfer.cfm#cs:7963@rep:default@" Eg if I am in the workspace for "default" repository this command works, outside of it it doesn't. Can you please confirm this is a bug in
  2. hi there, is it possible to export the diff result from the command line? The find tool is great as I can see all the files in a changeset but I would like to get the diff of each changed file so I can use it for a custom report so the developers can easily see what everyone else is working on without much effort on their part. Our development style is very much continuous changes and more (developer) isolated that we would prefer. Sometimes I get into the habit of reviewing changesets but not often/always. I want something that is a bit more in your face of, this is what a develo
  3. awesome guys! I have dreamed of a merge tool understanding the structure of my code (code file != large blob of text) for a long time (links from my web research on this topic long ago..) [Language-aware diff tools? - 2004] http://discuss.fogcreek.com/joelonsoftware5/default.asp?cmd=show&ixPost=155585&ixReplies=18 [Diff tool that can compare sub-sections of files - 2009) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1800634/diff-tool-that-can-compare-sub-sections-of-files Moving a function around is not a delete + addition!, hehe.. You guys continue to rock my world.
  4. is there some good reason this thing is tied to IIS? You have taken the effort to make Plastic SCM Server work under linux so it's a shame the webUI is not. Even ASP.NET can run under Apache (I think) which you could bundle with the server install perhaps. Dunno..
  5. Hi there, It's pretty painful when hunting through the history of a file. Currently have two options - view history - view history as 2D revision tree Either way it seems there is no easy way to either see all the changes in one window or have the detail appear in a side window when you click on an changeset. Have to Ctr-D, zoom down to changes, close window, next item.. Sometimes I find myself having to hunt down a change and performing the old "binary chop" to figure out which changeset the change was made in rather than scrolling or simpling clicking my way through a li
  6. *bump* This feature would be killer!! About to modify out checkin trigger to store the changeset details in a logging table in our system so that we can either build an RSS feed or maybe a custom page, so we can track everybody's changes and work better as a team by being more involved in each others code. I have been trying to install http://www.atlassian.com/software/crucible/overview but it's not even that ideal as it's targeted around code reviews which by and large are manually requested, rather than as a tool to monitor the steady stream of code changes occurring daily. I think
  7. *bump* I would love to see this feature also. We currently use a browser custom protocol for our text editor (sublime) which makes it easy to click on a stacktrace line reported from error in our ticket/bug tracking software and jump directly to the file in question. Need to be able to do the same from our changesets also using Plastic GUI Changeset/Diff tool as we are heading down the path of wanting to link changesets/branches to bugs/features. Cheers TiM
  8. oops, seems I never got this thing working correctly and it was/is always waiting on script to finish. Can you confirm plastic is not waiting for process to finish. If I try "nohup myAsycnProgram.sh &" It still waits for it to finish. Even if you try one script triggering another. it doesnt work either.. root@plastic:/opt# cm listtriggers 1 update subs /opt/pl.sh beta after-checkin /opt/pl.sh #!/bin/sh nohup /opt/plastic.sh & exit 0 If I run this from command line it always finishes right away, but from trigger it does not ! T
  9. just tried version 2.7.8 rather than 2.10 but still get same faults.. -------------- 2013-03-21 16:00:13,092 INFO - FishEye/Crucible 2.7.8 (20111130052542), Built on 2011-11-30 2013-03-21 16:00:13,124 INFO - Starting UpgradeManager ... 2013-03-21 16:00:17,358 INFO - Crucible: Evaluation License registered to agfirst. 2013-03-21 16:00:17,374 INFO - Your license expires in 29 days 2013-03-21 16:00:24,452 INFO - Starting database... 2013-03-21 16:00:28,936 INFO - Starting plugin system... 2013-03-21 16:00:53,467 INFO - Server started on :8060 (http) (control port on
  10. I am having trouble also... Plastic Server: Atlassian FishEye analysis with Crucible code review. (Version:2.10.2) Plugin: Atlassian Crucible Plug-in for Atlassian Crucible 2.7.7 / 2.7.8 DOWNLOAD JAR Error occurs when I try to create review -> Browse Changesets ---------------------- at org.mortbay.thread.BoundedThreadPool$PoolThread.run(BoundedThreadPool .java:451) Caused by: javax.el.ELException: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.codicesoftware. plastic.core.PlasticException: Error: Object reference not
  11. I just need an unattended client install
  12. Hi there, Is there a flag I can pass to install the linux client without prompts? I am trying to set up servers via puppet (http://puppetlabs.com/) and the prompts for the EULA during install are a PITA. Cheers, TiM
  13. Hi Pablo, Actually I am trying to script it so that our bug tracker knows who last worked on a file when a website error gets tripped up by simply looking at the stack trace and being able to associate the most recent change on that file to the developer. cm find revs works pefect thanks. BTW using history command can you restrict to to a branch? I only want history from /main branch. Cheers, and long live plastic!! TiM
  14. hi there, hopefully easy question. given a file name how can I use "cm" to get the details of the last changeset (on a specifc branch) that affected that file. I have looked at "history" but not sure how to specify the branch Cheers, TiM
  15. vgood, the log is kinda large so might set the log level to error only. Will keep a close eye on it. Can you briefly ellaborate on sgen please. TiM
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