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  1. Sorry, we didn't realize that the user preference was not stored for this option. It should be, of course. We will fix it ASAP. The 'filter only parents' option was requested for some customers that want to see only the changes that are related to the version they are loading. That's why this option depends on the working changeset as you noticed (it's the only one where you get different results depending on the changeset you are loading). But I understand that it doesn't have to be useful for everybody. Thanks for your feedback! Violeta
  2. I found the issue that slows down the properties update It will be fixed in the next release. Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences. Violeta
  3. Yes, we moved out requests from the main thread in But, the server call done to update the "Properties" panel when a changeset is selected in the branch explorer didn't change. Maybe we could see anything else in the logs. Anyway, I will check it in more detail in case it's affected by other change...
  4. Hi, We added the possibility to exclude certain file extensions in Release I think this can help you. Release Note: Windows GUI: SemanticSCM: Implemented a mechanism to disable Semantic Diff for certain file extensions. A semanticexcluded.conf file can be placed inside the Plastic SCM configuration directory: %HOMEPATH%/AppData/Local/plastic4. This file will contain patterns to match the files to diff. Semantic diff will be disabled for files whose path matches any of those patterns. Example: Having the following semanticexcluded.conf file: *.h /src/core The semantic diff won't be displayed for the following items (server path format): /lib/headers/core.h /kernel/kernel.h /src/core/main.cpp /src/core/modules/network.c Anyway, we still have to remember last user preference (text diff / semantic diff). So, if the user changed it, it's remembered for the next execution. We will add this soon! I will let you know when the preference is released. Thanks. Best Regards, Violeta
  5. Yes, we'll take it into account! Thanks for the suggestion
  6. Hi, It's not a good idea to use local name authentication mode when the server and the client are not in the same machine. The easiest thing is to configure Plastic to use User/password authentication mode. This way, you add the users you want avoiding Chinese characters Here you can find all the info related to the user authentication configuration: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml#Userauthenticationconfiguration Let me know if it helps. Best regards, Violeta
  7. Hi, Please, could you check the client language configuration? You can find it in the client.conf file. <Language>en</Language> You need a ISO 2 Letter Language Code. You can use "en" for english language or find the one you want in the following link: http://www.sitepoint.com/web-foundations/iso-2-letter-language-codes/ Let me know if the problem gets solved. Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconveniences. Best regards, Violeta
  8. Hi, A new release is out. This new release fixes the issue you discovered. To download this new release, please click the following link: https://www.semanticmerge.com/users/Downloads/semanticmerge- Thanks for your feedback! Cheers, Violeta
  9. Hi, Thanks for your feedback! I did reproduce the issue, I'll get to it ASAP. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Yes, I'm sorry but it's still the case The diff tool is still not available in Mac. This version only has core improvements and fixes in complex merge cases.
  11. Check the doc at http://www.semanticmerge.com/documentation/main.shtml#Launchoptionsconfigurationfile
  12. Create the file "semanticmergetool.conf" in that folder and specify one option per line, that's it Keeping same example as before, your config file will look like the following. Do not forget to set correctly the path of the external tool, or the one you choose semanticmergetool.conf example -edt="kdiff3 ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile""" -emt="kdiff3 -b=""#basefile"" ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile"" --L1 ""#basesymbolic"" --L2 ""#sourcesymbolic"" --L3 ""#destinationsymbolic"" -o ""#output"""
  13. They are not error messages. The messages say that you don't have any external based-text tool configured yet. We don't provide a default external tool in Linux (as we do in Windows) because we don't have a native one yet. If you want to use our merge tool you can install it from PlasticSCM, it is included, but it needs mono to run. So the matter is only you to configure an external tool for diffing and merging. In our documentation you have kdiff3 as example. -edt="kdiff3 ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile""" -emt="kdiff3 -b=""#basefile"" ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile"" --L1 ""#basesymbolic"" --L2 ""#sourcesymbolic"" --L3 ""#destinationsymbolic"" -o ""#output""" Use the "semanticmergetool.conf" file sited in your user directory in the .semanticmerge directory. Regarding the line endings, we are working on it! Thanks for your feedback! Let me know if you need any further info. Violeta
  14. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Could you give us more information about your first error? I don't know what you mean, sorry Regarding the second problem, we are building a new package with the missing images right now. It will be available in more or less one hour. Anyway, I attach here the missing images in case you prefer not to wait. Just copy them into /opt/semanticmerge/icons/java. Sorry for the inconveniences. Regards, Violeta.
  15. vsanchezm

    UX requests

    Hi again, I checked the issue with the syntax highlighting option, and it is working for the external diff tool but not for the embedded one. We will fix it ASAP. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for your feedback!
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