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  1. Sorry, I was wrong. You need to make your primary display your 1080p monitor, and then Plastic SCM will be not blurry. But I'm suppose you won't to do that 😉
  2. Hi @Kartug, thank you very much for contacting us, and for your detailed feedback. The behavior you're seeing is normal, but can be improved. PlasticSCM is a DPI aware application, however Gluon is not. That means, that when you open PlasticSCM in your 4K monitor, you can see it perfectly. Unfortunately, PlasticSCM does not support (yet) per-monitor DPI scaling, so when you move the window to the 1080 monitor, it gets blurry. If you want to see PlasticSCM fine in your 1080 monitor, you need to first move the window there, then close and reopen it. However Gluon is not (yet) a DPI aware application. That means that is optimized to be displayed in a 100% DPI monitor. When you open it (or move) to a higher DPI monitor, it's blurry. We'll try to improve high DPI support in the future, so thanks for your feedback. Best regards, Dani
  3. @Eric Carter Thank you very much for your feedback. It's clear that we need to make an effort to improve our icons. We will also take into account your suggestions and will try to make this "grid" more usable.
  4. @Eric Carter I understand that where you're complaining is more that a layout problem more than some kind of icon-related issues. Right? When I designed it as a draft, the grid layout seemed to be good solution for me. Note that columns are 4 items wide: The final high fidelity mockup has all the items in a row. Also, the icons are too big compared with the text. But my question is: It's really a layout problem for you, or it's maybe that the blue icons and the small text in the high fidelity mockup, makes the screen less "readable"? Would be making the text bigger a solution?
  5. Yes, We have in mind to improve the dark themes. All backgrounds should be dark. This implies refactoring colors and redoing all the light and dark themes. Not a short task, since plastic is a wide application with lots of screens and dialogs, but doable.
  6. Depending on the situation ... could be. What kind of files did you have in the Pending Changes? Private files, changed files ...?
  7. Great to hear that! Anyway, it seems that it's something that we can improve when searching ignored items... Thanks for the feedback!
  8. @Yerendi still looking your case ... Just for discard things, As you have several ignored items, did you disable ignored files in the pending changes view? <ShowIgnoredItems>false</ShowIgnoredItems> I still trying to reproduce your case. Does your pending changes view get stopped in the "Filling grid" phase?
  9. @Yerendi thanks for the info. I'll try to reproduce your issue. With the depth I meant the depth of the directory structure (distance from the root dir to the deepest leaf (aprox).
  10. I Lukas. If we could access your myrepo-export.repo file, we could take a look and provide a fix for the issue. Would be possible? If the answer is yes, you share it to support@plasticscm.com Additionally, ¿could you share your current Plastic SCM version?
  11. Thank you very much @Yerendi for that information. Can you please share your workpace size (number of files/dirs, size on disk, aprox tree deph, etc ...). Thanks!
  12. That doesn't sound good 😕 Does the CLI has the same behavior? Try to execute: $ cm status Also, you can follow some extra steps that helped other users to solve pending changes perf issues: There are several reasons that can probably affect to that operation: The hard drive performance is not good as expected. Do you have a mechanical hard drive? Is there any other process causing a high disk usage? An antivirus software is running. Disable your antivirus to reduce the disk usage. Very often antivirus software running on developer machines slow down all version control operations and turn a powerful computer into a nearly unusable state. Double check if the antivirus is eating CPU or disk IO while pending changes is working. Windows superfetch service. The superfetch service has been identified as a potential cause of disk performance issues. Stopping this service may have a good effect on your computer's performance.
  13. It seems we have some kind of problem with the FileTypePredictor in pretty big workspaces. We're trying to understand, locate and fix the issue. In the meantime, you can fine tune your plastic installation options to improve the pending changes performance. The config files are located in the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\plastic4 folder: * do not display private items in the pending changes view: Edit the guiclient.conf <CommitShowPrivates>false</CommitShowPrivates> * do not detect manually moved files: Edit the guiclient.conf <CommitCalculateManuallyMoved>false</CommitCalculateManuallyMoved> * compare file contents using the timestamp instead the file content: This may help to improve the pending changes view perf. Open the client.conf file and setup the following line: <CheckFileContentForChanged>no</CheckFileContentForChanged> Please, share with us if this configuration helps to improve the pending changes time.
  14. Sure! You can send them to support@codicesoftware.com
  15. @Yerendi, @ironbelly can you send us your logs to try to understand you scenario? Thanks in advance.
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